Indecision on how to arrange a room, or which color scheme will create your desired environment, can sap the joy out of your home decorating project and leave even the most seasoned decorators frustrated and worn out.

And the thing is that sometimes you don’t need help with your whole house or even an entire room. Sometimes it’s just one or two design challenges, like dealing with a difficult room layout or identifying where you can find furniture, decor and other items for the best quality that fits your budget. It might be uncertainty about color choices or how to make a specific space function better for you. You get the idea.

That’s why I offer design coaching. This package is perfect for those who enjoy the creativity of designing your own living spaces but have ever thought, “Gee, I wish I could just ask a designer this one question…” Or if you’re intrigued by the idea of getting professional interior design insights that will help you create an impressive home environment without the investment of a complete design package.

The time spent with me in Design Coaching is to help you solve ANY design dilemma you’re now experiencing. You choose the problem(s) you want to focus on, and in our time together, we solve them.

At the end of our session(s), you have a list of suggestions and specific to-do’s, allowing you to proceed with confidence, knowing that the final design result will be just as you dreamed it could be.

By having me as your design coach, you can feel confident that the design decisions you make are right for you. Gaining clarity saves you time, money, and frustration. No more second guessing.

“Ask the Designer” Coaching Package (includes 2 hours of design coaching*): $350

*Additional coaching hours are available, at a reduced rate and in 2-hour increments, if more help is needed.

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