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The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First:

’cause your business should complete you, not deplete you!

Many heart-felt entrepreneurs struggle to make a difference for others, without pulverizing themselves to powder in the process! To offer authentic solutions to better our client’s lives, we first have to live it!  We cannot ignore ourselves and still be effective and influential.

If you have important life-work to do, these pages will help you function from a position of strength, self-worth, and value as you bring value to others. The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First calls upon the wisdom of 14 experts from a variety of industries, who share their truths, tips, and action strategies with readers who desire to care for self as they build rewarding, profitable careers based on sound principles.

You can serve from an inspiring and energizing position of contribution, love, well-being, and strength.



Success in High Heels

In this exciting and life-changing book, 30 successful women from around the world give exceptional advice on creating a great life and thriving business.

Each author has contributed a powerful lesson to help you live the life you have always envisioned you could. These women lead the way and show you the steps to success!

Success in {High} Heels – 30 Day Diet Feast to Success is MORE than a book and much more than an anthology; it’s the beginning of a brand new and thrilling chapter in your life, one filled with your dreams, greater joy, meaningful work, renewed vision!



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