Book: The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First



The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First:

’cause your business should complete you, not deplete you!



Many heart-felt entrepreneurs struggle to make a living, and make a difference for others, without pulverizing themselves to powder in the process!

To effectively offer authentic solutions to better our client’s lives, we first have to live it! We cannot ignore ourselves and expect to be effective, productive, and highly influential.

We often make business harder than it has to be. This leaves us feeling frustrated and depleted. We must recover, and learn to lay the proper foundations in our businesses and personal lives so we can springboard into abundance and success. This book shows you how!

If you have important and meaningful life-work to attend to, these pages will help you function from a position of strength, self-worth,
and value as you determine to bring value to those in your communities.

The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First calls upon the wisdom of 14 experts from a variety of industries, who choose each day to live and work on purpose. Each has managed to reach a desirable level of success without giving away more of themselves than is fitting or appropriate.

They understand what it takes to run a business without sacrificing their own essence or well-being.

The writers of The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First have learned these lessons from personal experience. They share their truths, tips, and action strategies with readers who desire to care for self as they build rewarding, profitable careers based on sound principles.

Whether it’s through simple but exceptional systems, clever productivity strategies, empowering self-care habits, strategic planning and reflection, overcoming specific obstacles, or leading from the right vantage point and for the right reasons, The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First offers the reader practical yet inspirational guidance so they can serve the world from an inspiring and energizing position of contribution, love, well-being, and strength.

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“Nancy Meadows is much more than an intererior designer. With her warm and sensitive style, she cares about the individual with whom she’s working. She helped me think outside the box and understand how much my environment affects how I feel.”

“Having been widowed after after a long marriage, Nancy helped me find my way and discover what would give me a relaxed, happy, and serene home. She also helped me see the things that were negatively affecting me: clutter, too much furniture, color, and stiff furniture placement.”

The Authors and Chapter Titles:

Chapter 1, Gratitude Starts with You

by Danielle Mohr, Relationship Marketing Specialist, MCD, CCC-SLP

Chapter 2, Embracing Your Essence Brings Fragrance to Others

by Blaze, Aka Barbara Lazarony, Chief Visionary Officer

Chapter 3, How to Lead Yourself to Powerfully Lead Others: Six Ways to Stay Strong, Healthy, and Fulfilled

by Steve Gutzler, Author, Speaker, Leadership Consultant

Chapter 4, Leading Confidently Through H.O.P.E.

by Marybeth Hrim, Leadership Consultant, LCSW, MBA

Chapter 5, The Art & Science of Manifesting Your True Passion

by Kat Mikic, Online Marketing and Life Coach

Chapter 6, Growing Things Change: Fear into Victory and Weakness into Strength

by Jane North Lyon, Educator for Award-Winning Curricula in Pre-School Music & Movement, and World Drumming

Chapter 7, Social Media Simplicity for Ease of Use and Peace of Mind

by Rick Cooper, Online Marketing and Social Media Expert, MBA

Chapter 8, Build Yourself Up by Building Yourself a Team

by Amanda Sue Howell, The Coach for Quirky Creatives

Chapter 9, Choose Simplicity: 5 Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life

by Lisa Rehurek, Business Mentor, Speaker, International Best Selling Author

Chapter 10, Supportive Spaces

by Sherry Burton Ways, Certified Feng Shui and Design Expert

Chapter 11, Home as a Touchstone: Balancing Your Professional and Private Worlds

by Nancy Meadows, Author, Lifestyle Interior Designer, and Certified Interior Environment Coach

Chapter 12, Getting Your Groovy Back: May the Force be with You!

by Laura DeTomaso Smith, Chief Groovy Chick at The Breakup Lounge

Chapter 13, Restoration, I’m Coming!

by Sandy Conway, the Social Media Queen

Chapter 14, The Art and Science of Loving Yourself First

by Margo DeGange, M.Ed, Business Mentor & Lifestyle Designer, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Publisher

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