We spend a lot of time in our bedroom and not just for sleeping. Whether it’s shared with a partner or not, it’s the one space that just screams for order and calm.
Besides an excellent mattress that allows for a good night’s sleep, and having soft, soothing colors that appeal to you, there are other factors that can add to having the perfect bedroom
Take a look at the following photos for a few examples:
Unless you have wall-to-wall carpeting, there’s nothing nicer than getting out of bed and placing your feet onto a soft, warm, cozy surface. In the photo, the bed sits on the carpet and serves as a border. Or you could have rugs on either side of the bed. Just make sure they’re proportionate to the bed size.
A comfortable chair for sitting in to read, put your shoes on or off, or laying your clothes on before dressing.
Or, another option is seating at the foot of the bed. Just make sure whatever you choose stops just short of the bed’s width. If ottomans are your choice, you have the bonus of extra storage as well.
Mirrors can be used in place of artwork above the bed with the added advantage of reflecting light. If you don’t like clear mirror, smoked mirrors are another choice. In either case, make sure you like what you see in the reflection. To see the toilet might not be your image of choice!
Contemporary Bedroom by Peg Berens Interior Design LLC
For looks, comfort, and ease of reading in bed, throw pillows are a must. Just don’t pile on too many. This is one area where less is more.


If at all possible, choose bedside tables with at least one drawer. Keep the top of the tables as free of “stuff” as you can. You’ll sleep better with less visible clutter. Not always easy for sure, but a drawer or two really helps.


Bedside lamps serve a functional as well as esthetic purpose. Generally, the size of lamp is dictated by the bed size. You also want the size of shade to be in proportion to the lamp size. When reading in bed, you don’t want to see the bulb. As always, have your lights on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light intensity for task work like reading or softer for mood lighting.
Transitional Bedroom by Martha O'Hara Interiors
This is a beautiful example of a sensual bedroom. The soft, muted colors, the lighting, tufted headboard and bench, it’s clean lines  make this bedroom one in which I can think of more fun things to do than just sleeping!
(Carissa, omit “More: Bedroom Color… at bottom of last photo. Also, Don’t include Photos and #’s. I include them so you could keep track. Just list the categories, i.e., RUGS, A PLACE TO SIT etc.
                                                                              Photos via Houzz
Share your ideas for the perfect bedroom in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
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HOUZZ recently came up with a quiz to determine what style of home suits you best. I wouldn’t consider it to be the final determination, but it’s short and fun to take.
My result was French eclectic which was spot-on. The irony is my condo is mid-century architecture and the interiors are contemporary/asian. I moved into the love of my life’s home and this was his chosen style of architecture and decor.
Fortunately, I enjoy it as well. However, I’ve had to find ways to incorporate what I love into my current environment in order to feel truly “at home.”
You may find yourself in a similar situation and there are always ways to marry different design styles in a cohesive way. The important thing is that you always feel your best in your home; that it speaks to who you are at your core.
So take the quiz. You may discover something new about yourself regarding your own surroundings. Or you may find the style in which you live is exactly right!

Let me know in the comments section.

11. Crown molding — yes or no?
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Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around


This week’s article is about our powerful sense of smell.
What makes it so potent is because it’s tied directly to the area of the brain that holds our emotions and memories.
There are certain pleasant scents that every time you smell them, you’ll be immediately taken back to a wonderful memory; remembrances that make you smile and feel happy.
It’s written by LAURA GASKILL, Houzz contributor and her thoughts say it perfectly

Thinking back to my childhood home, I remember the smells most vividly: the jasmine growing by the mailbox; the honeysuckle vines climbing the back fence; the clean, simple scent of baby bubble bath; even the subtle background scent of polished wood floors. Scent tends to be more closely tied to memories than any of the other senses, making it the perfect vehicle for tapping into your most cherished memories. Of course, it’s not all about the past. Delicious smells can make your home and garden a wonderland of sensory pleasures — so you can savor the moment today and create new memories to treasure tomorrow.

Freshly cut grass. Mowing the lawn may not always top the list of favorite things to do, but the pleasure of smelling freshly cut grass is undeniable. And for those with fond memories of a farm childhood, why not bring back the scent of the hay barn by tossing a bale or two in the backyard to use as summer seating? Covered with old quilts, hay bales make comfy bench seats.

photos via Houzz

I’d love to read about your favorite scents and the memories they evoke, Let me know in the comments section.
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Have you ever looked around your home and wondered if you just had a little more space?
It happens to all of us whether our home is large or small.
The good news is there very often is but you might not even see it. There are many areas of your home that offer places where, if utilized correctly, can give you that extra space.
This week’s article is all about discovering those hidden spaces that may be going unused or used in a different way. Empty spaces that you may not have thought about.
As a designer, part of my challenge is to make sure every bit of space is used in the most functional way in order to improve my clients’ living.
Take a look at the photos and you may find “hidden” places in your home that can improve your living,too.
Above The Door

above the door

There’s a saying in design that if you can’t build out, build up. This space is usually untouched, but it can be used for books and storage.
The Attic


This is often the catch-all space for everything from Christmas decorations to stuff we may need again but never  or rarely do. This is an area that can really add to the value of your home as well as create  rooms that improve your day-to-day living.
The Bookshelves


This is a great place to hang art. I’ve done it myself and found if I placed the least looked at books behind the artwork, it was never an irritation to have to remove the art to find the book I was looking for.
The Closet
If you have another area for hanging clothing, you can literally create another mini room  that can be used for sewing, crafts, or as a home office.
The Foot Of The Bed
foot of bed
Not only as a place to sit for putting on your shoes, but for extra storage as well.
The Fireplace


Instead of being a black hole for those months that it’s not used, the fireplace is a great place for displaying art, beloved objects and floral arrangements.


The perfect place for creating a small and cozy reading area or a piece of furniture. I would make sure lighting is available for both function (if reading) and esthetics (highlighting anything beautiful placed on the table).
Under The Stairs

under stairs

The perfect place for creating a small office, a craft space, or any work area for that matter.
Under The Coffee Table
below table
Being mindful of not creating a cluttered look, this can be an area for stacking books or filling a pretty container with children’s toys or housing extra pillows and throws.
The Windowsill


If your architecture allows for it, the windowsill is an ideal place for stacking books and art pieces, as well as for extra seating.
Images courtesy Huff Post Home
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Every space in your home, whatever its size, should please you in the way it works both functionally and esthetically. But it can seem more challenging when that space is very small.
For this week’s article, we visit the entryway. Even though this area is a pass-through, it is the first introduction to your home and it makes a difference in how both you and your guests feel coming and going. Especially of it’s designed correctly.
Take a look at the video and you’ll see how easy it is to design even the most cramped entryway space.
The tips are from interior designer NATE BERKUS and they were shared on the RACHEL T.V. show.
Nate designs products for Target and he’s used some of his pieces to illustrate this particular design.
  • The small table that can hold keys and a space underneath for shoes or boots.
  • The small, dark area rug that adds warmth and hides dirt.
  • The sculptured wall pieces that add texture and interest. A small mirror could also be used as part of the look.
  • Fresh flowers—always a beautiful and welcoming idea.


Credit: Video via HUFFPOST HOME
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We live with color everyday and thank goodness.
How diminished our world would be if it were only seen in black and white.
Of all the areas in interior design, color is probably the most subjective, because everyone “sees” color differently. Memories are strongly associated with with colors so we attach meanings to them that can be positive or negative.
Our love/hate relationship with different colors can also change. For example, as a child I loved all shades of pink because my grandmother chose them for her bedroom and I always felt happy whenever I was in her room. As a teenager, I hated pink because it seemed too childish. Now, as an older adult, I love certain hues of pink. Combined with other colors, pink can be very sophisticated and fresh-feeling.
I won’t go into the full psychology of color in this article as the subject is vast. But for fun, HUFFPOST HOME showed 13 colors that people either loved or hated. Take a look at them. What do you feel? Do you find yourself attracted or repelled? It’s an active experience and there’s no right or wrong.
As always, great design is about what YOU love and need in YOUR home to make your environment enhance your life in the best, most positive ways. Color is just one aspect, but the human eye can distinguish between 7 and 10 million different colors. That’s huge! And we’ll always have a reaction to each of them one way or another.

Lime Green




Bright Yellow

Electric Blue


Dark Red

Burnt Sienna



Olive Green

Mustard Yellow

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Most of us love to travel. Discovering new places, meeting new people, seeing sights we’ve longed to see, and just simply enjoying new experiences.
However, sometimes it can be frustrating as well. Long lines at airports, security checks, having to be at the airport 2-3 hours before flight time. Or if you decide to take a road trip, there’s the cost of gas (ever more expensive), and the stress of dealing with heavy traffic in and around major cities. Or getting lost even though you have a GPS.
Then there are the million and one things that have to be done even before you even leave on vacation. You’re exhausted !
There is an alternative you might consider and that is a staycation. You’re on vacation but you don’t really leave home.
But it takes a different mindset in order to be successful. For you to really feel like you’ve been away, your staying home means you’re NOT living as you normally do. Your typical day-to-day activities take a vacation as well, In order to feel relaxed and refreshed when it’s time to come “home.”

21. Take pictures. On a vacation you tote your camera everywhere, right? Just because you’re at home, don’t let that stop you. Take pictures every day — the act of taking photographs helps us slow down and see things we would normally miss.

Photos via HOUZZ
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It’s hard to believe that it’s the 4th of July and this holiday defines mid-summer. I cry NOOO, it’s too soon!
Fortunately, we still have a lot of this wonderful season left to enjoy being outdoors.
You might find that you need a design item or two to see you through the rest of summer and you don’t want to spend a lot of money for them. And you don’t need to.
This week’s design post gives you 10 product ideas that won’t break your budget and yet still offer lots of design style.
Add an umbrella that has the same pattern as those striped swimsuits of the 1920s.
  • IKEA
    A must for those who wish they were lounging in the Riviera with the Fitzgeralds and other ‘Lost Generation’ personalities. RAMSÖ umbrella (in red or blue), $14.99, IKEA.
  • Candleholders turn discount pillars into lovely “mood lighting.”
    TJ Maxx
    Especially good for those of us who have too many candles hanging around their home, anyway. Candleholders, $9.99 each, from TJ Maxx stores.
  • A nice pillow makes that “vintage” aluminum deck chair look so much better.
    TJ Maxx
    Bring it inside and boom, instant sofa makeover. Floral pillow, $19.99, from TJ Maxx stores.
  • Upgrade your BBQ dinner with a nautical table runner.
    Table runners are slightly heavier than tablecloths, so they’re less likely to billow in the breeze. Anchor Table Runner, $16.99, from Marshalls stores.
  • Ceramic pots make even the saddest container plant look…well, not sad.
    TJ Maxx
    You can also use planters to hold utensils or snacks (just line the pot first). Ceramic pots, $12.99-$29.99, from TJ Maxx stores.
  • Why bother with bulbs when you can light a walkway with FIRE?
    If there’s one advantage to being a homeowner, it’s the ability to add torches to your outdoor decor. Fire Sense 2-Pack Tivoli 77-inch Polished Aluminum Metal Fire Torch, $45, from Lowe’s.
  • Clear string lights really go with anything.
    The round glass shades also add a little more style than the traditional “Christmas”-style string lights. Room Essentials Clear Globe Lights, $14.99, from Target.
  • A mobile can add a little glimpse of color in a sun-bleached backyard.
    Kind of like having a chandelier in your porch, gazebo or tree. “Glass Raindrops” Kinetic Hanging Mobile, $31.99, from Target (online only).
  • This beverage tub combo is for those of us who always like a cold drink nearby.
    Home Depot
    Especially handy for those who entertain and are tired of answering the question “Where are the drinks?” Geranium Beverage Tub With Tray On Stand, $39, Home Depot (online only).
  • An outdoor rug will save your patio (and hide the weird stain left behind from last summer).
    Home Decorators Collection
    You can also use this indoors, particularly in high-traffic areas. Just hose it off and it’s clean. Kastoria Area Rug in Blue, $47 for a 4′x5’7″ rug, Home Decorators Collection.
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Summer is that time of year when much of your entertaining is out-of-doors.
It’s also that time of year when many celebrations take place.
Weddings, wedding receptions, bridal showers, birthday parties, holidays, and special get-togethers with family and friends.
This week’s design ideas are some product examples that add fun, elegance, in some a little whimsy, and all around make your celebrations even more special. And don’t you just love it when guests  remark how beautiful everything looks and wonder how you did it all?
Most of these products can be ordered directly from Houzz or, if not, the source is listed on the photo. You may see an item or two that is just what you’re looking for when planning your parties this summer.
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around

Where do you most like to read?

My favorite place is curled up in my bed with plenty of pillows for good neck and back support, and a proper reading light.

I consider the bedroom my sanctuary. The one place where I feel most relaxed and “at home.” The perfect environment for traveling anywhere my book is taking me.

I also love holding a book, turning the pages, and even the scent of the paper.

Yes, I know this is the Kindle era and while I can appreciate what it offers, it just doesn’t give me the pleasure reading a real book does. Also, I have no need for a power source—just my hands.

I love being surrounded by books as well. I consider them my friends so I don’t mind dusting them. And like people friends, I like to visit them from time to time.

So, if you’re like me and your favorite place is your bedroom and you love reading real books, why not let them live in this special place.

This week’s design idea is all about including books in your bedroom design.

Photos via HOUZZ
Until next time…
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Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
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