When we think of decluttering our home, it generally means removing excess.
However, there are a number of design choices that can give the perception of clutter and an untidy space that can we can fix. And, no dusting’s required.
Laurel Niedospial for popcorn.com shares 7 ways you can give your home a clean and uncluttered look and feel just by altering design choices. Here they are:

Don’t Line Every Wall With Stuff . . . Allow For Openness


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There must have been an interior designer in the ’80s who came around to people’s homes and chastised them for leaving a wall devoid of furniture. This overstuffed approach, instead of making a room look rich and well furnished, makes the space feel like it’s busting at the seams. Think about what a room really needs, get that, and stop trying to jam furniture up against every wall. At the very least, it’ll be less you’ll have to clean and buy.


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