It’s almost here.

For many of us our favorite holiday of the year—Thanksgiving.

It’s a day of giving thanks for our many blessings and sharing them with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is also a day filled with tradition. We have favorite recipes (many passed down through the generations) that we wouldn’t dare not serve lest we face the wrath of everyone at the table!

We tend to rely on the same table decorations as well. Maybe this year it’s time to change it up a bit for a fresh new look. shares 8 different table decoration ideas that just might spark your creativity. They’re inexpensive and easy DIY. Take a look:


best thanksgiving table decorating ideas -

Layer your thanksgiving table with linens, special dishes and a bold centerpiece of fall pumpkins and products down the middle of the table. Image: Tanya Capaldo Interior Design

Thanksgiving table decorating with fresh greens

Collect your favorite aromatic herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage or branches of eucalyptus, ivy or other leaves to create a gorgeous centerpiece. Add candles, pine cones or other items that go with your chosen color theme.

thanksgiving table decorating ideas and centerpieces -

Fresh greens on a table runner create a modern Thanksgiving tablescape. Image: Blackband Design

thanksgiving centerpiece ideas -

Artichokes, sage and olive leaves add a fresh look to this Thanksgiving table. Image: Rikki Snyder

Thanksgiving table decorating with candles

Nothing creates an intimate dining table setting better than candles. Whether you choose tall candlesticks or tea lights, you can never add too many to your table setting. Mix and match colors and heights for the best look. And opt for unscented candles that won’t interfere with your food’s aroma.

dining table setting ideas -

A candle candelabra over the dining table diffuses a soft glow over the meal. Image: Amanda Carol Interiors

centerpiece ideas for thanksgiving -

Candles are a great item to your add to your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Image: Kitchen Magic

Here are some candle-related products that will help you recreate these tablescapes in your own home:


 Blue Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Add a primary color to the typical Thanksgiving browns, oranges and earth tones for some pop. Some great colors to add include bright green, bold yellow and blue.

thanksgiving table setting ideas -

If you’re looking to change up the typical reds, oranges and golds, try adding a blue tone to your Thanksgiving table. Image: Hayneedle

thanksgiving table setting ideas -

Blue works well with earth tones and orange, so don’t be afraid to add this fresh new shade to your table setting. Image: Troy Spurlin

If blue is your accent hue, here are some great products to get you started:

1| 2 | 3

Decorating with table runners for Thanksgiving

A table runner is more modern than a tablecloth. It’s especially useful if you don’t want to cover up your beautiful table but would like to add some color and pattern to it. The best part is that a table runner is versatile and comparatively inexpensive. Choosing one that’s about 12″ longer than your table so that it hangs just enough off the ends.

table centerpiece ideas -

A table runner is an inexpensive but effective way to add color, pattern and a focal point to your table centerpiece. Image: Robertson-Lindsay

how to decorate a dining table -

Place table runners in the opposite direction on a dining table to replace the function of place mats. Image: Focal Point Styling

There are so many table runners you could choose from, here are some of our favorite holiday themed runners:


Plate chargers for dining table decorating

If you own a classic set of china, plate chargers are the simplest way to transform that everyday china into something special. Plate chargers are larger than your plates so they frame your dish nicely, adding some color or an interesting design to the edge of your plate.

dining table decorating ideas -

A red plate charger adds holiday color to a neutral brown and white table setting. Image: Focal Point Styling

how to dress up the table for the holidays -

You don’t have to invest in all-new plates and china to dress up your table for the holidays. Consider adding chargers to frame your plate, like the hammered gold ones in this image. Image: Brunchfill

A charger plate can really add a lot of elegance to your table setting here are a few of our favorites:


Holiday napkin rings for dining table decorating

To make your dining table special, choose cloth napkins or paper napkins with a special pattern to them. Don’t forget to complete them with a napkin ring. Here are some Thanksgiving-inspired napkin ring ideas.

table setting ideas for the holidays -

A simple acorn and sage Thanksgiving napkin ring adds polish to this guest’s table setting. Image: Rikki Snyder

table decorating ideas for the holidays -

Some raffia and a fresh cutting of wheat or berries is the simplest but loveliest napkin ring you can create. Image: Lisa’s Creative Designs

These napkin rings are sure to bring some bling to your table:

Pine cone table decor for the Thanksgiving table

Pine cones are the stars of the fall and holiday theme. Collect and use them in your table decorating.

fall table decorating -

Paint your pine cones in metallic colors and work them into your table with colorful fall leaves. Image: Better Homes and Gardens

table centerpiece decorations -

A rustic and understated basket with fresh leaves and pine cones is a simple table centerpiece. Image: This Is Happiness

If you don’t have a natural selection of pine cones in your backyard, try these suggested products:

Table centerpieces for Thanksgiving

If you do one thing to decorate your Thanksgiving table, choose to create a striking dining centerpiece. Scatter your favorite objects down the center. Add candles and items in different heights. Don’t make your centerpiece too tall or you may block the person sitting across from you.

decorating with white pumpkins -

White pumpkins and succulents are two design items that are all the rage. And this image shows they work beautifully together in your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Image: Jane Can

thanksgiving table decorating ideas -

Here’s an example of a lovely Thanksgiving table that includes most of the elements in our list. Image: Elle Decor

What Thanksgiving table decorating ideas would you add to create a festive holiday table?

Until next time…

Blessings from my home to yours,

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