Many design requirements are needed to make a home the functional space where daily needs are met.

Once the functional design is completed, it’s time for what I call the “technicolor” part of design that turns our house into a real home.

It’s the area of interior design/decorating that expresses who we are at our core; how we wish to be seen by ourselves and others. And it’s always very personal and uniquely our own expression.

What are the 5 key design elements?


Image Source: Laurel & Wolf

Rugs are important for many different reasons. They help define a space; they add warmth both literally and figuratively; they can provide color and texture; they say “welcome home.”


Image Source: Laurel & Wolf

One of the most easily changed out accessories, pillows add color, texture, and physical comfort. It’s hard to imagine a sofa without pillows to lean back into—sort of like receiving a warm hug.


Image Source: Laurel & Wolf

I doubt there’s a book lover who doesn’t consider them to be best friends. Always there to teach, comfort, entertain, there’s a book for every emotional need. And lest we forget, there’s the favorite ritual of curling up in a comfy seat, with a favorite beverage and cozy throw settling in on a cold winter afternoon with a book.


Image Source: Laurel & Wolf

Probably the most personal aspect of design, all art should be chosen for how it makes us feel. Unless you’re a professional art investor, the monetary value of an art piece shouldn’t be the driving factor in why we chose it.


Image Source: Laurel & Wolf

Anything that represents nature adds to our feeling of comfort and well-being. No matter what the material—the saying we’re one with nature is true and seems to be part of the human condition that enables a feeling of happiness.

There you have it. The 5 design elements that will make you happier and feel fulfilled at home.

What do you think?

Until next time…

Blessings from my home to yours,

Dedicated to helping you create spaces that foster happiness and well-being


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