Of all the most desired items requested in kitchen design, a kitchen island ranks among the top.

However, it can be challenging to fit an island into a small kitchen. Rule of thumb is 42 inches of width is needed for a single cook’s work isle and 48 inches for more than one cook. You also need at least 3 feet for a walkway. With an average island measuring 25 to 40 inches deep, you can easily see the problem.

However, all is not lost and you can have an island that accommodates a smaller kitchen. Take a look at these photos:


This home owner wanted an eat-in kitchen table with chairs which narrowed the width of the kitchen. However, there was still space for a narrow kitchen island giving more work space in this kitchen which it needed.

In spite of this kitchen’s narrow width, installing a narrow island whose compact work surface makes it useful for performing various tasks.

Consider how you’ll be using your narrow kitchen island. In this photo, work space is on top with open storage provided on the bottom shelf. You may decide to have closed storage. Either way, it’s what works best for you and your needs.

This kitchen island was designed to provide the owner a place to sit and enjoy a beverage, plan the day, or give a place for a friend to sit and visit. Make sure if you want this kind of configuration, that the person seated doesn’t get in the way of the cook.

A narrow island will not allow enough space for a sink or cooktop, but it still allows surface area for food prep and an easy place to set hot dishes when removing them from the oven.

A narrow kitchen island on wheels could be the perfect solution if you’d like moving it as needed. Just make sure the wheels can lock.

You want your kitchen island to fit the shape of the kitchen itself. If it’s long and narrow, the island should configure to that shape. The same applies if the geometry is square-shaped as in this photo. Your entire kitchen will function much more effectively.

I hope this article gives you ideas you could implement if you’d like to have a kitchen island in your smaller kitchen and maybe thought you couldn’t. As always, the best design is Mindful Interior Design to allow your home to work for you in every way.

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Photos via HOUZZ


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