How do you define a luxurious home?
You likely picture it as large and filled with expensive materials, furniture, art and accessories.
In reality, it’s none of these things. A large home can have a cold feel to it and be overwhelming.
An ostentatiously-furnished home can feel off-putting and like you can’t touch anything.
A truly luxurious home is comprised of elements that anyone can have regardless of size and cost.
These elements as described by MOCHACASA.COM are:

Scandinavian design living room

A feeling of spaciousness

This isn’t the same as a having a large house. Rather, it is a home where you feel you have room to breathe and move. An absence of clutter and good storage helps. As does not trying to cram too much furniture into a room. It’s about working with the scale of the room.

white and grey living room


A light filled interior instantly feels good when you walk into it. And this is in part linked to the last point: it gives a room a more spacious appearance. And if you don’t have large windows, substitute with some clever lighting. But balance is the key. It shouldn’t look too bright and stark either.

freestanding bath and stone walls


Light and dark. Hard and soft. Rough and smooth. Natural and man-made. Ancient and modern. Contrast adds interest that arouses our senses. Think of the way light plays on a room when it filters in through a window blind. Or rich warm wood set against cool glass and steel. An all white room may feel cold if it is all one shade and similar materials. But add subtle shades, different textured fabrics. And the mood of the room is altogether different.

modern classic white living room

Dining room with colourful rug


Closely related to contrast is balance. A riot of different colours and patterns in a space can be headache inducing. Over-using metallic home accessories and furnishings can look garish. But place a colourful patterned rug in the centre of a neutral room and it can entirely transform the interior. Introduce some subtle metallic accents, and it adds a touch of luxe.

Dining table with ornate mirror

Dining table with plants and flowers


Get inspired by nature and bring the outside in. Adding natural elements into your home will bring it to life. Think of how a plant can add vibrancy to an empty corner of a room.

Luxurious bedroom with natural elements


Our sense of smell has a powerful impact. An aroma can effect or enhance our mood. And evoke memories that take us back to a different time and place. But alternately, they can also be an instant turn-off. Walk into a room with a stale, unpleasant odour and it might cloud your perception of the space. Even if the decor is otherwise lovely.

Enter a luxurious hotel and probably one of the first things you’ll become aware of is a beautiful fragrance in the air. And its easy to replicate the effect in your own home with a scented candle or diffuser. Once again it’s all about balance. You’re aiming for a subtle, rather than overwhelming, fragrance.

And perhaps subtlety is what links all these elements together.  A luxurious home isn’t one that screams “look at me!” – because it doesn’t have to.

You just know.

What do you think makes a home feel luxurious? What would you add to the list?

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Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you create spaces that foster happiness and well-being


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