Hallways are often not given the design attention they deserve.
They’re areas that we quickly pass through to get from point A to point B, and yet this space can be a place to stop and take notice.
Hallways offer design opportunities using lighting, artwork, sculptural pieces,mirrors, and furniture (when space allows) to reward you with even more pleasure from your home.
Decorating a hallway adds life to the space. Along with color and detail you’ll add personality to the area as well; it goes from “nothing” to “something.”
  .  Average hallways using American standards are generally 36 inches wide which is needed for comfort and accessibility.
  .  When hanging artwork and photos, place at eye level which is about 62 inched from the floor to the middle of the piece.
  .  Ceiling light fixtures should clear 84 inches.
  .  Lighting is important in a hallway, lest whatever you are displaying become obscured in shadows.
  .  In a narrow hallway, hang smaller pieces as larger ones require more space to fully see and appreciate.
  .  Use the the hallway for a pop of color, but because this area connects spaces, there should be a visual tie between the hallway into the connected spaces beyond.  .  
  .  Consider the hallway ceiling. Ideas here could be a different paint color, stencils, or wallpaper.
  .  If you need or want a furniture piece in a narrow hallway, look for a skinny console table to give you some surface space. Just be sure to have enough space for easy walk-through room. If in doubt, don’t.
Scandinavian Hall by Dash & Albert Australia
With the light-colored walls, your eye is immediately drawn to the floor runner and the artwork. There’s enough room to add the chair and small table which completes this simple vignette.
Transitional Hall by Allison Lind Interiors
Using a black and white wallpaper pattern and same color picture frames, this red chair pops and visually draws you into the space.
Eclectic Hall by Morgante Wilson Architects
This is the same concept as photo 2, except a dark paint color is used making the white chair pop. Notice, too, that the adjoining room on the right is using the same darker shade which visually connects the two spaces.
Eclectic Hall by Kim Pearson Pty Ltd
In this white space, the stunning architectural archway and the artwork serve as a punctuation point making you want to walk towards the end of this hallway.
Transitional Hall by Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer
A study in Zen, and beautiful in its simplicity. Uses black and white along with small hits of red and green color.
Contemporary Hall by Mafi Australia
Again—simple and clean-looking design. The furniture is perfectly scaled to this hallway. The beauty of the archway and quiet artwork effortlessly draw you in.
Contemporary Hall by Vivendi - Luxury Home Builders
You immediately learn something about this homeowner through the display of surfboards and the art at the end of the hallway. This area of your home can be a great place to share your interests.
Transitional Hall by Bibby + Brady
Black framed photos add interest, but what really moves you down the hallway is the wallpaper and simple furniture leading into the next room.
Transitional Entry by Bibby + Brady
There are many points of interest in this hallway, but especially noteworthy are how the pink in the artwork and the flowers connect with the window treatment in the next room. Also notice the unusual light fixture and the choice of ceiling color. So much of good design is in the fine details.
Modern Hall by Accoya Wood
A hallway so rich in architectural detail only needs the simple mirror as the focal point.
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
Photos via HOUZZ


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