This week I’m sharing a guest post by Sharon Parks, a party planner at Love Lucia’s Parties located in England.
It’s close to Christmas with the days hurrying by. Sharon shares some wonderful tips and food for thought that will be of help to you in planning your own holiday festivities.
Take a look:

Top Tips To Creating A Fabulous Christmas Party

With the end of 2016 fast approaching, our attention has turned to Christmas. In fact, we saw back in October many homes already hanging out their Christmas lights – oh the despair!  As we are now in the full throw of organising Christmas events for our clients, we wanted to share some of our top tips to creating a fabulous Christmas party with you.

Party Design

christmas venue roomYou want to create a real ‘wow’ factor when your guests walk in, so have a look in mind and be consistent throughout the party. Naturally, to deliver impact, the venue plays a huge part on setting your scene. It’ll be a challenge to get the same effect from a Village Hall in comparison to a building with beautiful architecture that boasts high ceilings for instance. That’s not to say you couldn’t do it however, for the cost of props, lighting etc. you may find it more cost effective to book the more appropriate venue from the start.

Dramatic theming will transform a venue in an instance, consider not just aesthetics but also senses i.e. touch, smell, sound. We love a combination of scented candles, variety of fabrics, and soft lighting which creates a sense of welcoming and warmth at your party.

christmas crackerColours are extremely important to your design – Christmas is synonymous with rich jewel colours so your palate should have no more than three influencing colours, gold, deep red and teal work perfectly to create Christmas opulence.

Ensure you use your colour scheme consistently throughout the event, linens, invites, dinner settings, glassware etc. and don’t forget to introduce personal touches for your guests i.e. personalised luxury Christmas crackers, we love Celebration Crackers or perhaps a Christmas stocking hung on the back of each seat with your guests names embroidered we found lots to choose from on Etsy.

Fabulous Food

christmas dessertChristmas is certainly a time for indulgence and we love going all out. From the moment your guests arrive to when they leave you should think about how to really treat your guests. If you’re a Martha Stewart you’ll be confident with all the preparation and execution on the day however, we also want you to consider outsourcing this part of the party. On far too many occasions, we witness at first hand hosts stressed out trying to cope with every element of the catering and then not having enough time to get themselves ready for the party.

There are lots of different options, whether you have food prepped in advance by a retailer, book an outside caterer (do this well in advance as they are extremely popular around the holiday periods) or even have friends and family lend a helping hand.

Try something a bit different if you are hosting a dinner party – why not consider a beautiful tasting menu or have a wonderful mini dessert table at midnight.

Ultimate Cocktails

As much as it’s a tradition, Mulled Wine is a definite no, no. We love the excitement of cocktails and even better if you can create a beautifully lit bar area in your room. You can be really inventive with Christmas cocktails and winter warmers. Here are a few suggestions:

christmas-blog-cherry-cocktailRose Crumble: Four Roses bourbon, apple and cinnamon syrup with lemon and egg white.

The Nutcracker: 25ml Walnut infused Bushmills, 40ml Baileys Original Irish Cream, 60ml Hazelnut & Almond milk, 2 dashes of chocolate bitters and 12.5ml date syrup.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Martell VS, Cabernet Franc, lemon juice, Clementine Sherbert and underbug bitters.

Frozen Tart Cherrytini: Servings 4 – 12 frozen pitted tart cherries, 2 Meyer lemons (or regular lemons if you can’t find them), 3 tablespoons sugar, 2 1/2 cups tart cherry juice, chilled 1 1/2 cups vodka and 2 cups of ice cubes

Beautiful glassware is absolutely essential at your party, there is nothing more enticing than a tray of intricately cut crystal glasses or perhaps ostentatious gold rimmed champagne saucers.

Perfect Playlist

christmas-blog-disco-ballIt’s important to create the right atmosphere and music evokes every emotion to get everyone in the right mood. If you have chosen to host a traditional theme then nothing beats a choir of carol singers outside, holding lanterns.

If you are planning a large Christmas party then it’s essential to book a reputable DJ. Don’t give them carte blanche on the play list, work out what will work best for the various times of your party i.e. softer background music whilst dining then turning it up for dancing. Consider a mix of classical music along with some guaranteed dance floor fillers. These days it’s fairly standard to run everything from your android phone and even better if you can do it through Spotify.

Good lighting is super effective, check with your DJ what lighting they will be bringing as standard and make a feature of the dance floor. This can easily be created by carefully positioned lighting and furniture layout. We love large chandeliers and white lighting and if you can have a disco ball – all the better!!


For all the time, energy and expense you have invested in your Christmas party it is paramount that you enjoy yourself. Raise a glass to yourself and have a fun party!

Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around


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