I chose them first because Pantone is the industry standard and their color choice of the year will show up in many other industries like fashion, cosmetics, cars, and home accessories.
However, all of the other major paint companies also offer their color choices of the year as well.
Yes, this is marketing, and no, it doesn’t mean you repaint your home every year with an “in” color.
Rather, think of looking at trending colors with the possibility of seeing new ideas for color you may not have ever thought of using.
Let’s take a look:
Jennifer Ott (http://jenottdesign.com), San Francisco based color specialist put together a graphic showing some major paint companies’ color choices for 2017.
Then see how they’ve been used in various rooms.
by Jennifer Ott Design
“Shadow”—Benjamin Moore
“Violet Verbena”—PRG Paints
PPG Paints
“Byzantine Blue”—Glidden
“Kettleman”—Kelly Moore
“Poised Taupe”—Sherwin-Williams
“Honey Glow”—Dunn-Edwards
Final Thoughts About Color:
  • If you find any of these trending colors of interest, it becomes much easier to find furnishings and decorative accessories that co-ordinate with the favorite hue because it is trending.
  • Colors hold psychological reasons as to why we hate, love, or even feel neutral about a specific hue. It’s not necessary to know why; it is important to know how it makes you feel.
  • You always want to choose colors that make you smile and feel alive. It’s an important part of creating a happy home.
  • Incorporating a trending color doesn’t mean painting it on all four walls. It might mean just using it on a ceiling or bringing it in with accessories that represent the hue.
  • In the final analysis, you are your own trendsetter. You decide what’s “in.” If the colors you choose make you feel good, then they’re the perfect choice in your home.
What do you think? Do any of these 2017 colors create an emotional feeling—good, bad, indifferent? Let me know in the comments.
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
Photos via HOUZZ


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