This week’s article is a guest post from Amy Spagnola for Luxe Decor.
It’s all about the entryway. Enjoy!

Nothing sets the tone of the home more than the front entryway. A first greeting to guests, the foyer is an important part of a home’s vitality. A cluttered and confusing entryway represents some type of energetic dysfunction.

If you’re seeking to recharge your home’s vestibule, there are plenty of ideas for increasing peaceful and serene vibes. Here are a few design ideas to give your home’s entryway a touch of tranquility:

entryway-image-1Image Credit: Image Via Popsugar

A symmetrical minded entryway is full of character. Matching lamps, picture frames and tables creates a sense of harmony. Neutral colors and simple gold frames add even more delicate and down-to-earth energy to the front of the home.

entryway-image-2Image Credit: Country Living

A farmhouse-focused entryway is filled with trinkets and treasures. Not distracting or disorganized, this layered entry space is country chic. A little bit of plant life, a few baskets and a bit of artwork signals a home with cozy comforts and traditional style.

entryway-image-3Image Credit: Image Via Paul Davis New York

Light, bright and modern, this sleek entryway is inviting and appealing. A central table with a few books and flowers offers a spot for guests to set valuables or homeowners to place keys and handbags. A large orange corner chair indicates the start of a restful and colorful space.

entryway-image-4Image Credit: Image Via Love Home Design

The mood of this home entryway is relaxed and carefree. Filled with calming neturals, multiple seating stations and a bit of friendly décor, this space is easy and effortless. A vintage bench, high-back chair and a couple candleholders, make this space feel charming without being overpowering.

Guest Post by Amy Spagnola for LuxeDecor


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