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We put time, money, and mindful thought into how we design and decorate our home.
We put the same energy into our beloved pets as they play an integral role in our family life and make us feel happier in so many ways.
But sometimes, the two may intersect and create something not so great like scratched furniture and floors or pet hair’fur everywhere.
Fortunately, by making thoughtful choices, we really can have it all—a beautiful home and happy pets.
DECOR AID put together a list of do’s and don’ts that help avoid the time and frustration that can happen in spite of how much we love Fifi and Fido. In the end, everyone wins.

Do: Choose tough fabrics that can withstand heavy use.

Area rugs made from fabrics like sisal, silk, and wool are solid choices for pet owners because they’re sturdy and can be cleaned. Also, rugs with patterns and colors can help mask shedding and light stains.

Don’t: Select materials that stain easily.

Avoid rugs in fabrics like viscose, rayon, art silk (which is short for “artificial,” and not “artful” or “artistic,” in case you were wondering). These rugs can be gorgeous, but overall they’re too delicate to withstand life with a pet.

Any hard-surface flooring is obviously going to be more forgiving to pets than textiles, but there are some other things you can do to keep things as clean as possible. For example, use a floor duster on your hard surface flooring at few times a week, or every day if your dog or cat is a serious shedder.

Do: Pick flooring that can stand up to scratches and moisture.

Tile is a great flooring option for pet owners, but you probably don’t want it in every single room. In that case, try sealed hardwood or synthetic woods, which are durable and less expensive than hardwood.

Don’t: Choose light carpeting if it’s going to make you crazy.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is OK, but obviously it’s more difficult to clean than tile or wood, and light colors especially are going to show stains more easily. Make sure to seal the carpet to avoid stains, and save yourself the hassle if you’re going to obsess over keeping a white carpet pristine.

Even if you don’t allow your dogs or cats on the furniture (and you actually believe they’re not jumping up there the second you leave for work), somehow pet hair seems to end up everywhere. Everywhere. And if they do get free reign on your furniture, the upholstery can take a beating from dirty paws and sharp claws.

Do: Opt for fabrics that stand up to stains.

Consider reupholstering your sofa or chairs in indoor/outdoor fabrics, which can stand up to frequent use without feeling hard or scratchy. Commercial-grade fabrics are another great options, because they were made for high traffic. Leather is another durable option, and you can just wipe off pet hair. But make sure to choose one with a more of a patina, which helps camouflage scratch marks.

Don’t: Buy furniture in fabrics that trap pet fur or scratch easily.

Some fabrics, like velvet and bouclé, seem like fur magnets. And once the fur is there, it can feel impossible to remove. Avoid delicate leathers with smooth, uniform surfaces. One errant claw could transform it from statement piece to yard sale special.

Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around


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