Small spaces can be a challenge to design and this is especially true with bedrooms.
How do you fit everything in that’s needed to function well and still look cohesive and beautiful?
The sq. footage is always going to be what it is unless you’re able to expand the walls.
So better to embrace it for what it is—a small and cozy cocoon.
By using some design tricks and techniques, this small room can become a space that you or guests will love to be in and enjoy.
Plus, an added bonus is a small space is easier to clean!
Take a look:

Use a limited color selection. In this photo, pale blue was chosen for the walls and ceiling. More color was added with pillows, a throw and the carpet. Also, keep window coverings simple and allow as much natural light to flood the room as possible. Blackout shades can be used for sleeping.

For maximum storage that doesn’t take up a lot of sq. footage, built-in shelves surround the bed. The wall lamps provide light without the need of side tables.

Scandinavian Bedroom by MODEL Projects Ltd
In this small loft space, the bed is placed directly in front of the window. Space is saved while still allowing plenty of natural light. Custom vertical blinds are used to block light for sleeping.
A designer’s and your best trick for visually enlarging a space is, of course, a mirror. In this case, the antiqued surface is used only on the upper half of the wall, but it still adds depth to the room. A shuttered window treatment maintains a clean and uncluttered look.

Sometimes a custom made piece is the best solution which the bed in this photo is. It’s worth the investment and you can get extra built-in storage as well.

Don’t be afraid to add personality into a small space as the wallpaper in this photo shows. It creates a feature wall and along with the complementary colors of the comforter makes for a beautiful cohesive look.

This all white small bedroom uses different textures for visual interest and minimal wall decor to create a very serene space. If all white is too clinical looking for you, any other soft neutral color will work as well.
There you have it. If you have a small bedroom that isn’t working that well for you, I hope these tips and techniques will serve as inspiration.
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
Photos via HOUZZ


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