There’s one area of the home that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.
That would be the foyer.
Because it’s a pass-through place and not where we linger, it’s often not given the consideration that the other rooms are given.
Yet, the foyer is where we greet our guests, the first place where we introduce them into our home. It also may be the entrance you use and why shouldn’t you feel as gracefully welcomed as your guests?
Here are 11 ways that show how your foyer can be as mindfully designed as all of the areas of your home.
We often paint the outside of the front door, but consider doing the same to the inside as you see in this photo. It’s unexpected making it a wonderful surprise.

If you don’t have a high enough ceiling for a chandelier, you can still find a light fixture that will bedazzle instead of having a plain flush-mounted one.

Beach Style Entry by Ethos Interiors

If you have a small foyer, consider a door with flair such as the one in this photo. The window panes can be glazed or textured if you need privacy.

Another trick for a small entrance, is the tried and true mirror. It bounces light and makes the area feel larger.
Instead of a squared corner table, consider a rounded one. It’s good feng shui as well because it allows energy to flow more easily. This is an exceptional piece. It’s not only an unusually designed table, but with no legs it feels suspended taking up less visual space.

Natural wood and fabric pieces add texture and always have a warm and homey feel to them that make it easy to say “welcome home.”

In a narrow entrance, an unusual and narrow side table, art piece, and a plant are all that’s needed to make a welcoming design statement.
This entry has a rather long hallway, so consider using a wall to display a collection as this owner as done. You start sharing your personal story before your guests have even reached the living room.
Imagine stepping into your home and smelling something delicious like the roses in this photo. Appealing to all of our senses is an integral part of Mindful Interior Design because we use all 6 senses everyday, not just visual.
Another of our senses is hearing, and the entrance to our home can be a lovely place to have wind chimes. Just make sure you’re hearing a soft singing of chimes and not a gong sound which would be jarring and irritating.
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
Photos via HOUZZ


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