Bookshelves come in every size and price point. While we think of them as the place to store books,they are also a piece of furniture that can wear many hats and serve you in ways you may not have thought of.
Take a look at these suggestions.

Think of the bookcase as a “frame” for art as seen in this photo.

Never go to bed without your books. See the rest of the home here.
Unless you live in earthquake country, a bookcase can serve as a headboard with bedside reading lamps attached to the unit.
Cocktails, anyone? They're extra easy to fix when the makings are nicely organized, as they are in this bookshelf-turned-bar, spotted on The Everygirl.
A small bookcase can be the perfect place to contain everything needed for making cocktails a breeze.
We love the way this bookcase does double duty as a console table – with the bonus of extra storage underneath.
A low bookcase can serve as a console table for artful displays while giving you storage space beneath.
Sometimes closet space just doesn't allow for a full shoe collection. On The Glitter Guide, bookshelves save the day as a display for shoes.
The perfect home for shoes. It stores them in an easy way to immediately see what you have as well as keeping them neat.
To divide an open space, pull your bookshelf away from the wall, library-style.
I love using bookcases as a room divider. It’s a great way to separate spaces in a multi-use room while still allowing light to flow through, and maintain an open feeling.
Your neatly folded fabrics and pillows look just as pretty on your bookcase as they do in your closet. See the rest of the space at Amber Interiors.
Not all linens need to be housed in a closed closet. If you have pretty ones and I know you do, why not display them? You can also easily find what you’re looking for at a glance.
Turn your bookcase to the side and pull up a chair. Voila! Instant office! Get the look here.
This bookcase is used for many things. Art, books, some live plants and the perfect place for a small desk, especially if space is an issue.
There's no reason you can't bring a bookcase into the bathroom. For a spa-like touch, place one towel in every cubby.
What better place to store all things that are needed in the bathroom. Easy to see and easy to grab. You’ll feel like you’re at the spa.
Don't want to design around your TV? A bookcase with a well-place sliding panel hides it from plain sight.
A bookcase can also be the perfect place to hide the T.V. when it’s not in use. A sliding panel easily covers it and you can add art to the front of the panel as well.
There you have it. Just a few ways that a bookcase can be added to any space in your home. They’re practical and add to the beauty of your interiors—even if they don’t hold books!
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
Photos courtesy ELLE Decor


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