Every year about this time, many design experts will come out with their “best trends” list for the coming year.
As a designer, if I’m working with you, I don’t care much about trends per se, because I believe you are your own trendsetter. Only you know what “looks” are going to work in your home.
When you design your home, you do it “mindfully” so the overall effect is something you love and will not necessarily be this year’s “trend.”
However, I do think trends are fun to look at and decide if there might be one or two that could be a perfect addition to your decor.
Here are a few for the coming year:
metalic kitchen
It used to be that we would only use one metal. Now we mix them. However, the trick is to use one predominant metal and any others as an accent. Sort of like mixing patterns where there is one larger and the rest are smaller.
natural fireplace
Being aware of a healthy environment is hardly new. For many years, aware architects and designers have realized that it only makes good sense to incorporate sustainable design.
Not only using products that are safe for human beings, but our entire planet. Re-usual products, wood and stone are examples of sustainable products.
outdoor print dining chairs
Self explanatory. Whether it be animal prints, flowers, trees—anything found in nature.
Use carefully as too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. What is new is using these prints in colors that are not found in the natural world.
geometric sheets
Geometrics are not really new. Remember the late 60’s and 70’s?
They are always current because of the visual interest they provide a space.
Use carefully so they don’t overpower a room.
geometric rug
Whether it’s navy, royal blue, or cobalt, these blues will be seen in many different ways.
In this photo, the blue in the carpet also incorporates a geometric design. It works because everything else in the room is soft and subdued.
There you have it. These are but a few of the “top trends.”
Do you see anything that you’d love to add to your interior decor in 2016?
Until next time…
Dedicated to living your rooms—not the other way around
Photos via FreshOme


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