You’ve done everything to prepare for your party; a terrific menu; clean home; fresh flowers; etc.
But have you ever wondered how your present furniture arrangement will work for a gathering?
Does it allow for a good flow or does it seem crammed when envisioning a room full of people?
What works on a daily basis might not be right when you’re entertaining and want guests to mingle; and not necessarily in your kitchen either.
There’s hardly a living room/great room anywhere that can’t be re-arranged in different ways depending on what your needs are.
Here are a few examples of furniture arrangements that are perfect for entertaining. If you change your layout, you just may find you like it enough to keep it that way, even when the guests are no longer there.
Usually, furniture is flanked around the fireplace, but by opening up your sight line you create more open seating into different areas. This plan makes it easier for guests to move around.

This arrangement works very well for a larger room because you’re able to provide groups of furniture that allow guests to have places for intimate conversation. They don’t have to raise their voices to be heard.

Rustic Living Room by Alix Bragg Interior Design

Multiple seating with a console separating the two seating areas. Because the furniture is mostly mismatched, the room feels like pieces gathered over time and not a furniture showroom.

Beach Style Living Room by Catalyst Architects, LLC

This room has been arranged for entertainment by placing the two sofas back-to-back. When not entertaining, you still have the one sofa facing the fireplace for T.V. watching.

Contemporary Living Room by Dick Clark + Associates
This back-to-back sofa arrangement uses a very narrow console table between them which works in a smaller space.
Eclectic Living Room by Mandi Smith T Interiors

This is an excellent example of how a room should flow. None of the furniture placement impedes the circulation allowing guests to easily move around this room without jostling into one another.

Again, there is usually more than one way to arrange your furniture. We get so used to seeing our spaces one way, that it seems it’s the only way but that isn’t the case. Give it a try and I bet you’ll surprise yourself.
Happy entertaining!
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
Photos via HOUZZ


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