Summer is but a distant memory for sure.
Each season has it’s pros and cons, but in this darker and colder time think about would make you feel warm, happy, and content; what would you allow yourself to embrace this late fall/winter time of year.
Here are a few ideas that just might work for you. All of them stimulate one or more of your five senses and that’s a good thing.
Take a look:
Don't get your hot cocoa with marshmallows confused with your S.O.'s peppermint drink ever again.
Pictured here: Monogram mug, $8 for one;
What can be better than your own personalized mug. Enjoy your favorite tea, coffee, warm cider, or even a hot buttered rum. Put your feet up, sip and sigh while looking at the nasty weather outside your window.
Nature tends to disappear during winter, and it can be rough to go without seeing some green leaves for months on end. Finding some low maintenance house plants to keep around your space can help hold you over until spring. Succulents are always an easy option for those lacking a green thumb.
Much of nature settles down for its long winter nap. However, the human need for living growth continues regardless. To have living plants and trees indoors feeds us emotionally as well as physically because they help keep the air we breath clean. They tide us over until the earth comes alive again in the spring.
When it gets too frigid to enjoy Mother Nature's sweet scents, burning a woodsy candle is the next best thing. 
Pictured here: Diptyque holiday candle in Sapin, from $35;
Whatever your favorite scent might be, there’s a fragrant candle to satisfy it. It could be scents of the winter season like pine, fir, or cinnamon. It could also be something more exotic like bergamot or tobacco. It only matters that it pleases you.
Surviving winter is all about layers, so the more throws the merrier.
Pictured here: Faux fur throw, $395;
What could be better than a soft, cozy throw to cover yourself when chilled. In fact, you don’t even need to feel that cold as it’s like getting a big hug and who doesn’t love that?
When the cold weather kicks in, your tile floors practically become blocks of ice. Keep your toes toasty with thick (and playfully patterned!) socks.
Pictured here: Textured and printed socks, $16.50 a pair;
Guaranteed to keep your feet warm and you all the happier for it. If you use them as slippers, have several pair and rotate them so they last until spring.
These are simple pleasures and sometimes those are the best of all. Photos via
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around


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