Most new homes being built today include larger master bedrooms and the same is true with re-models. Why? Because it’s the assumption that it is what everyone wants.
But what if you don’t need or want a large sleeping area? Or, maybe you do. How do you determine what’s right for you?
Mindful Interior Design, by its very description, always includes, before doing anything  answering 3 questions:
  • How do you need your space to function?
  • How do you want it to esthetically look?
  • Does it satisfy your psychological requirements? In other words, does the room positively affect  your emotions and sense of well-being.
When you honestly answer these questions, you have a clear direction, a blueprint, on how to design a home that’s perfect for you in every way.
The master bedroom is a special room. It’s a very private space where you want to be able to take a deep breath and feel calm and relaxed. The size itself isn’t always the main factor.
For instance, you may want to reduce the size of your bedroom in order to have a larger closet.
Or, you may want a larger room in order to enjoy many different activities.
Take a look at these photos (HOUZZ) and see how different homeowners decided the right size bedroom for them. They may have you looking at your master bedroom in a different way.
A large master bedroom designed with space in mind for someone who spends a lot of time in their bedroom and want a private retreat.
The opposite of the 1st photo. This small cozy bedroom is designed for mostly sleeping. A lot of space isn’t required.

A loft space which essentially becomes 2 separate living and sleeping areas. It doesn’t require much square footage, instead building up instead of out.

Another smaller space designed for sleeping and easy reading in bed. Built- in shelves for storage, and attached reading lamps which eliminate the need for bedside tables.

Not large, but by utilizing access to the outdoors, it seems bigger than its footprint suggests. Who couldn’t enjoy lovely dreams in this beautiful bedroom!

This larger master bedroom has a lot of open floor space because the owner uses it for yoga and meditation.

Again, the size of your bedroom is not as important as what your unique needs require. You may need a larger space because it fulfills many different purposes for you.
Or, you may wish to have a smaller bedroom in order to have more square footage in another area of your home.
Let me know in the comments section  what your perfect bedroom would be like or maybe already is.
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around


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