Designers often use mirrors in interior design and for good reason.
They certainly reflect natural light and allow a space to feel brighter, but they can do so much more.
Mirrors can add style and a bit of glamour.They can also surprise, and open up rooms in ways that couldn’t be done otherwise.
Take a look at these ideas and see if you don’t find some examples that would work beautifully in your own home.
One caveat: Make sure mirrors are firmly attached to the wall I live in earthquake country so it’s imperative. Also important for children’s safety if you’re leaning a large mirror against a wall. Photos via HOUZZ:
PLACING A TALL MIRROR BETWEEN TWO WINDOWS gives the illusion of a third window and bounces even more natural light around the room.

WALL MIRROR BEHIND A CHEST. Again, a trick of the eye giving the impression that there’s more space than there actually is. This works especially well in a small room.

THE ICONIC SUNBURST MIRROR works well when used as part of a vignette. It brings life  and light to the entire arrangement.

SUNBURST MIRROR used above the bed always works and reflects, in this case, the art on the opposite wall and the ceiling light fixture. You always want a mirror to reflect something of beauty and/or interest.
PLACING MIRRORS BEHIND BEDSIDE TABLES is a wonderful way to enhance light because you get double the reflection of the bedside table lamps.
USING MIRRORS ON ADJACENT WALLS really steps up light enhancement on many levels. Don’t use this idea, however, if seeing too many images would bother you.

MIRRORED BACKSPLASH. I love this idea, especially for kitchens that don’t have  any natural light. Yes, you will have to clean it more often, but it’s worth it because you will  draw the light from any natural light source outside of the kitchen.

ROUND MIRROR IN A BOOKCASE. I love this idea, too, because it not only reflects light, but it breaks up the heaviness of the bookcase. By using a round mirror, it softens the linear lines that surround it.

EXTRA LARGE MIRROR ABOVE THE MANTEL. Instead of a small mirror above the mantel, why not go for broke and install a custom-size mirror the width of the mantel and all the way to the ceiling. There’s no greater way to gather natural light or enhance the size of the room.
Until next time…
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