Whenever I ask a client how she wants her home to feel, I almost always hear, “calm and peaceful.”
In today’s ever changing , technology-oriented, to-do lists and all-around busy world, it goes without saying that, indeed, we’re pushed and pulled here and there on a seemingly non-stop merry-go-round.
When we get home, what we crave most in our environment is to feel calm and peaceful. A place, our private place, to get off that merry-go-round and just breathe.; to gather ourselves together before we again enter the hectic world.
You know when you’re in a space that offers serenity and calm because you feel it—immediately. But you may not know why.
Here are 4 ways that will give you a feeling of calm and balance in your own home.
     All 3 of these photos are balanced. What you see on one side is the same on the other.
     Your eyes don’t become confused. Instead you feel a sense of order which calms your
     In an open space, carry the same color or variation of throughout the rooms so the eye is not
     jarred; it just seamlessly flows.
     In the bedroom, not only is a restful color used, it’s essentially the same color with different
     tones that vary from light to dark. Again, the eye doesn’t have to “work” hard to
     distinguish many different hues It registers as the same color which creates a feeling of
     Clutter of any kind is the surest way to create a feeling of discord in your home. Nothing
     confuses the eye more than when it sees clutter. You know it needs to be cleared which
     creates anxiety—the opposite of how you want to feel while at home.
    Anytime you can, place furniture in a way that looks out onto a view. Nature plays a huge
    role in how we emotionally feel. It almost instantly calms the mind and relaxes the body.
    Research has shown that even looking at pictures of nature positively affect us.
If you follow these suggestions, I promise you’ll feel better at home. Your surroundings will offer the calm and serenity that can enrich your life in untold ways.
Until next time…
Blessings from my home to yours,
Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around
Photos via Houzz


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