We spend a lot of time in our bedroom and not just for sleeping. Whether it’s shared with a partner or not, it’s the one space that just screams for order and calm.
Besides an excellent mattress that allows for a good night’s sleep, and having soft, soothing colors that appeal to you, there are other factors that can add to having the perfect bedroom
Take a look at the following photos for a few examples:
Unless you have wall-to-wall carpeting, there’s nothing nicer than getting out of bed and placing your feet onto a soft, warm, cozy surface. In the photo, the bed sits on the carpet and serves as a border. Or you could have rugs on either side of the bed. Just make sure they’re proportionate to the bed size.
A comfortable chair for sitting in to read, put your shoes on or off, or laying your clothes on before dressing.
Or, another option is seating at the foot of the bed. Just make sure whatever you choose stops just short of the bed’s width. If ottomans are your choice, you have the bonus of extra storage as well.
Mirrors can be used in place of artwork above the bed with the added advantage of reflecting light. If you don’t like clear mirror, smoked mirrors are another choice. In either case, make sure you like what you see in the reflection. To see the toilet might not be your image of choice!
Contemporary Bedroom by Peg Berens Interior Design LLC
For looks, comfort, and ease of reading in bed, throw pillows are a must. Just don’t pile on too many. This is one area where less is more.


If at all possible, choose bedside tables with at least one drawer. Keep the top of the tables as free of “stuff” as you can. You’ll sleep better with less visible clutter. Not always easy for sure, but a drawer or two really helps.


Bedside lamps serve a functional as well as esthetic purpose. Generally, the size of lamp is dictated by the bed size. You also want the size of shade to be in proportion to the lamp size. When reading in bed, you don’t want to see the bulb. As always, have your lights on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light intensity for task work like reading or softer for mood lighting.
Transitional Bedroom by Martha O'Hara Interiors
This is a beautiful example of a sensual bedroom. The soft, muted colors, the lighting, tufted headboard and bench, it’s clean lines  make this bedroom one in which I can think of more fun things to do than just sleeping!
(Carissa, omit “More: Bedroom Color… at bottom of last photo. Also, Don’t include Photos and #’s. I include them so you could keep track. Just list the categories, i.e., RUGS, A PLACE TO SIT etc.
                                                                              Photos via Houzz
Share your ideas for the perfect bedroom in the comments section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Until next time…
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