As I look outside the window on this cold and dreary January morning, what I see is fog, an overall grayness, and I know it’s cold.

I don’t even have to stick my nose outside the door to know it’s cold.

I HATE feeling cold. What about you?

Short of a trip to the desert, the next best thing is making sure that inside my home, it feels warm and cozy.

One way to do this is to make use of sheepskin throws and rugs.

You merely have to look at one and you’ll feel warmer. Sort of like getting a big hug.

On top of that is the rich texture and wonderfully soft feel when you touch sheepskin with your hands or cold feet. You just can’t help it. It begs to be touched.

One word of warning: You may have to share with Felix or Fido. Cats and dogs love to nestle into the soft furriness as much as we do.

Check out these photos from HOUZZ. They show wonderful ways to incorporate sheepskin rugs and throws into your interior design—both for yourself and your guests. Baby, it may be cold outside, but not inside your beautiful home!

A tailored sofa feels more casual and welcoming with a few throw pillows and a sheepskin draped on the back.
Same goes for a modern Jetson-like chair.
I love a lounge for kicking up your feet. The addition of a plush throw makes it even more enticing.
When it’s three o’clock in the morning and you’ve barely had any sleep, every little comfort helps — including a cushy spot for your feet when checking on the baby.
Butterfly chairs are lightweight and loungey, but those steel frames aren’t the most comfortable for prolonged sitting. With a sheepskin providing some extra padding, the chairs are instantly upgraded.
Likewise, guests will appreciate a softened seat while dining.
Way more glamorous than your standard terrycloth bathmat, a sheepskin rug also feels way better on your toes post-bath.
Is this a flokati or sheepskin throw? Either way, it softens this black leather sofa and makes it feel more inviting.
Nothing like ice-cold floors to immediately jolt you out of post-sleep bliss. A furry mat by the bed keeps your feet toasty instead.
A soft sheepskin on your back might take the edge off a long workday (or at least keep your seat nice and cozy).
Am I the only one who always ends up slowly sliding out of a leather chair when I try to sit in one? I hope not. Regardless, a little throw positioned on the back would surely help me stay in place.

A large sheepskin rug offers the perfect place to sprawl out and snuggle up to a roaring fire.

As always, I’m only an email away if you find yourself with a design challenge that you need help with. What I love most about what I do, is eliminating design overwhelm and helping you create spaces that are perfect for you and the life you choose to live.

Until next time…

Blessings from my home to yours,


Dedicated to helping you live your rooms—not the other way around


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