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November 1st, 2013

This week I want to share an article and photos from HOME DECOR ARCADE that talks about designing hallways. Like entry ways, we don’t always give them the design attention that we do other areas of our home, yet they offer wonderful a space to showcase our unique story.

Take a look:

A house is always designed in such a way, that there is enough mobility around without really getting obstructed. We do not design rooms that are attached to each other; rather we build houses where the rooms are connected in an organized way with the help of a hallway or gallery. That is why we always design hallways to bring about sync in the home design. The gallery or hallway is the area which provides passage to us moving from one room to another; hence many people tend to ignore the hallway completely. Not much attention is given to the hallway as people are more focused in decorating the living room and bedrooms.

The hallway is one of the very first impressions of the home that your guests and visitors come across. As soon as a guest enters your house, and at times even before reaching the living room, the guest moves across the hallway and hence it is not a good idea to ignore the hallways appearance. Here are some beautiful hallway décor ideas that would give you quite a few pointers to decorate your own hallway. These range from the traditional décor styles to contemporary and modern ones. The time spent at the hallway is actually the most impressionable time spent by the guest at your home. There are a lot of ways by which you can bring up your hallway decoration. It is a good practice to decorate your home yourself rather than hiring professionals. First of all, the professional touch would not give you enough attachment with the home as you would not be as attached to it as you would if you had designed and decorated it yourself. Your hallway could double up as a window to show off your collection of paintings, decorations, table lamps, artifacts. You can decorate the hallway in a particular theme of your choice it is always a good idea to place an object that would grab the visitors attention as soon as they step in.

Flower vases of different sizes lined up on a side table look really attractive, you can even put a huge mirror with a stylish frame on the hallway wall. There is no need to clutter the tables and walls with all that you have got rather you should rotate things from time to time. This will add freshness to the décor as well as give you a chance to show off all the interesting purchases you have made over time. Here are some very interesting hallways for your interest.

Hallway Decor Ideas Built In Bench
hallway decor ideas built in bench

Hallway Decor Ideas Wooden Flooring
hallway decor ideas wooden flooring

Hallway Decor Ideas Traditional Glass Pocket Doors
hallway decor ideas traditional glass pocket doors

Hallway Decor Ideas Traditional
hallway decor ideas traditional

Hallway Decor Ideas Stylish And Modern
hallway decor ideas stylish and modern

Hallway Decor Ideas Rustic Flooring
hallway decor ideas rustic flooring

Hallway Decor Ideas Rift Oak Hardwood Flooring
hallway decor ideas rift oak hardwood flooring

Hallway Decor Ideas Contemporary
hallway decor ideas contemporary

Hallway Decor Ideas Built In Bench
hallway decor ideas classy


If you need help decorating your hallways, please email me at:  me@nancymeadowsdesigns.com. I’d love to help.

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