This week’s article and photos are from HOME DECOR ARCADE. They eloquently express how the majority of us wish to live in our homes today.

If I think of singular words to describe contemporary living, they would be simplicity, comfort, easy care, stylish, and attention to detail.

Read on and see if you don’t agree.

The modern living style entails a seamless and simple design rather than an overly glamorous one. What people now a day like is simplicity rather than overt enthrallment. The modern interior design is about ‘less is more’ philosophy and the home interiors are done in a way that you do not miss out on the comfort and yet have an attractive décor. The furniture and décor now days are functional, they are not just mere decorative pieces, rather they are absolutely wonderful to have. They have a great value in our lives and are in no way just decoration. Here are some strikingly enthralling home décor ideas that would give you a variety of choices to be inspired from. The modern interiors displayed here are bright, attractive and yet very simple. Neutral shades are used as the backdrop of these rooms and the décor, furniture, and art work everything is bright and striking.

Fabrics used these days are more of jute, cotton and linen as these are extremely comfortable and easy to look after. These fabrics also give a great texture to your room as they are available in a huge range of colors. The textures are simply unmatched and are easy to clean too!

The contemporary décor is all about simplicity and less jazz, but that does not mean that the décor would be boring or dull. Rather the rooms come alive with the gorgeously stylish décor done in basic colors, textures and tastes. A lot of contrast is used when it comes to color combinations and the décor being so chic it is high fashion too. The furniture designs are distinct too as they stand out in the room and have a heave impact on the visitor’s mind as well.

Your guests would somewhat be awestruck when they come and visit you! They would witness a great décor style which is so simple. The combination of furniture, furnishings, display items, electronics all plays a great role in uplifting the mood of the room. The bright furniture or cushions against the soft and subtle backdrop of the wall or couch create an enigmatic effect.
A different side table or a huge photo collage up the wall does all the magic. The room begins to reflect your personality and style immensely. A little attention to detail does the trick and you not only start loving your house but begin to live it too!

Bright Interior Decor Living Room White

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Stylish
bright interior decor living room stylish

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Green

Bright Interior Decor Living Room White

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Entertainment

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Colorful

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Beige
bright interior decor living room beige

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Antique Mantle
bright interior decor living room antique mantle

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Contemporary Living
bright interior decor contemporary living

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Classy Furniture
bright interior decor classy furniture

Bright Interior Decor Living Room Artistic Dining
bright interior decor artistic dining
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