Grey or beige? Both. It’s a combination of each and it’s called GREIGE.

If I had to choose one perfect wall color, it would be this one.

Greige can have either warm or cool undertones and can enhance any other colors used in the room.

This organic hue is one your eye doesn’t tire of either. It’s sophisticated and elegant.

Take a look at these photos and you’ll see what I mean. Also included are the paint brand and color names.

As always, when deciding color, paint a large white poster board with the color before painting the entire room.

Add orange to greige and you’ll have a space that bursts with casual elegance. Orange is such a happy color and the perfect choice for bringing out the warm tones in greige. 

Paint Pick: Quiver Tan 6151 by Sherwin Williams

A greige wall color not only underscores this monochromatic space, but it also makes an unassuming backdrop for the subtle black-and-white prints. 

Paint Pick: Analytical Gray 7051 by Sherwin Williams

This homeowner chose Perfect Greige 6073 by Sherwin Williams, which doesn’t detract from her great furniture finds.
Glossy greige cabinets complement this kitchen‘s lightly stained flooring. 

Paint Pick: Tapestry Beige OC-32 by Benjamin Moore

In this space, greige walls pick up the warm tones of the slate tiles and completes the bathroom’s modern design. 

Paint Pick: Gray Mirage 2142-50 by Benjamin Moore

Even in it’s darker tones, greige is warm and inviting, and creates a very cozy space. 

Paint Pick: Char Brown 2137-20

Soft and subtle greige walls keep our focus on the fabulous view. 

Paint Pick: Stone Harbor 2111-50

Greige works in perfect harmony with the dark-stained wood beams and oversized furniture in this rustic space. 

Paint Pick: Gray Area 7052 by Sherwin Williams

In this bedroom, a lighter tone of greige creates a restful space, and allows the more vibrant accent colors to pop. 

Paint Pick: Agreeable Gray 7029 by Sherwin Williams

This greige eating area is a great example of understated elegance. The wall color, artwork and furniture all work together to create a space that feels organic and warm. While the lighting fixture adds just a touch of sparkle.

Photos: Houzz

If you’re unsure and need some help, email me at I’d love to help you choose color(s) that you’d absolutely love.

To make it even better, for the month of September 2013, my color consultation fee is only $275 instead of $350.

You may just want to freshen up your home for the upcoming holidays!

Until next time…



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