When it comes to living room furniture, what generally comes to mind is a couch and two chairs. That’s the usual arrangement.

But what if it’s not a large room? Or you don’t want to look at the back of the sofa?

Maybe you know that your couch can seat three people comfortably, but your guests avoid sitting in the middle. They choose, you guessed it, a chair.

Or perhaps you just want something different.

For instance you might like the idea of having four chairs grouped together in a semi-circle with a table in the center to create a club-like feeling. You can imagine you and your guests enjoying drinks and conversation around a cozy fire.

Take a look at these photos. You’re sure to get some ideas for your home.modern family room by modern house architects

In this living room, the unusual combination of a daybed and two armless chairs face each other over a narrow coffee table. The daybed gives you room to lean back against an arm and stretch your feet out toward the fire. It also assures that whether there is another entrance to the room on that side or a window, the furniture won’t have its back to it.
This classic arrangement of four armchairs placed on the diagonal around a circular coffee table is one of my favorites. I’ve recommended it many times to clients who have difficult living rooms, but find that people are often afraid to try it. It is amazingly functional. The fireplace, window and entrance are all clear.
A square cocktail table turned on the diagonal works well with these four luxuriously proportioned chairs. The side tables offer a great spot to place lamps for flattering lighting without blocking anyone’s view of the others seated there. One advantage this type of grouping has over a sofa is that it is easier to face each other than when you are seated side by side on a sofa.
I always think a room feels so unfriendly when you enter it and are faced with the back of a sofa. Here we see two daybeds placed so the entrance doesn’t feel blocked. These daybeds are a great choice to make this compact room feel very open.
In this long, narrow space, the diagonal grouping of four chairs avoids the bowling-alley feel that a sofa facing the fireplace would have created.
If you decide to go with four chairs, they don’t all have to match. Changing up the style of chair and fabric adds flair to this grouping.
Okay, I’m sure this isn’t the living room of this gorgeous home, but I think most people would have put a sofa against the wall under the art. This pair of elegant chaise lounges creates an intimate and relaxing spot for two people to stretch out and enjoy the view.
The furnishings used for this living room include a daybed, upholstered chairs, a sleek banquette with dining table, a bench, ceramic stools and an upholstered ottoman … but no sofa anywhere. The designer wrote in her description that the living room has been transformed into a “sophisticated salon suited to reading and reflection, intimate dinners and cocktail parties.” I’m a big fan of furnishing a room to support the way you want to live in it.
One more view of this great room. Oh, yes — add cushions on the fireplace hearth to the seating choices. Still no sofa.
This beautiful room foregoes the traditional sofa in favor of a piano. I can imagine these homeowners enjoy many hours enjoying music and don’t miss the sofa at all.
Looks like more than one person has decided that a piano is a better option for their space than a sofa.

Piano music, a spectacular view of the ocean, and your own comfortable chair to enjoy it all with friends. Who needs a sofa?

Photos: Houzz

What do think? Would your living room look, feel, and function better without a couch?

If you need assistance, or have questions, please email me at me@nancymeadowsdesigns.com. I’d love to help you.

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