Have you ever wanted to change something in your home and yet the mere thought was daunting? Just the thought of starting the project seemed overwhelming so maybe you put it off, even when it was something you really wanted. You dreaded going through what you knew what all would be involved to get from start to finish.

This week I want to share some thoughts on this subject that I received from someone I admire. Her name is Karen Rauch Carter. She’s a best-selling Feng Shui author, consultant and educator. Her website is: www.karenrauchcarter.com.

This was a home project she recently finished and these are her words:

I am writing this from my back yard that we recently changed/upgraded. We removed a lot of unnecessary concrete paving and replaced it with a stone walkway, lawn and planter. What a wonderful change! It is so much more inviting in this space now – like there’s more room to breathe back there. But I gotta tell you, the jack-hammering that had to happen to get this done was, well,…jacked-up! SO noisy, and SO dusty…and it seemed like there was twice the concrete needing to be removed when the noise was over.

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When you make a conscious change to your environment so that your life improves in some way, there is often a time when “the dust gets kicked up from the train changing tracks.” Some of my clients come to this point and stop for fear of that “mess.” But it is at that moment that you have to remind yourself (by visualizing and feeling how you’ll feel when it is complete) that it will all be worth it in the end.

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The mess is sometimes inevitable with change, but as long as you hold firm on the vision of your intended outcome, it should be able to bear. During this time additional steps in the self care department may need necessary, or there needs to be a “no” said somewhere if asked to take on new workloads, etc.

This little note should cheer you on if you are facing a big change. Hold on to a positive outcome vision and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised by how you feel on the other side.

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