Don’t you just love spring?

I was taking my usual walk the other day and I kept smelling different, yet wonderful scents. It seemed as though every few feet my nostrils were bombarded with a different one.

There truly is something to be said for “stopping to smell the roses.”  I had to stop and figure out where all these delicious scents were coming from.

How delightful was my foot journey and the best part was I had a smile on my face the whole time! 3 of my 5 senses were stimulated into overdrive: sight, smell, and touch (some of the blossoms just begged to be felt.)

Flowers and greenery are one of the best ways to bring nature indoors.  They can lift our spirits and increase the good-feeling endorphins in our brain.

They offer color, texture, scent, and enhance the beauty of any room they are placed in.

And the best part?

It doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to be a Master Gardner to create your own natural, living art.

Take a look at these photos. You’ll see all manner of arrangements:  simple, elegant, sophisticated, country or city inspired. Some are very feminine, others more masculine. You’ll see modern design and old-fashioned.

Notice, too, the containers. They can tell their own story and enhance the arrangement you place in them. If you look around, I’ll bet you see different containers you’d never have thought of using.

In the end, it’s always about YOU. What YOU love and how YOU want to feel in your home. The only rule is that it has to make you feel happy.

If you have any questions about floral design, email me at

I’d love to help.


Photos from Interior Design Ideas:

vintage white living with crimson floral display

recycled bottle jar collection lisianthus 2

Until next time…




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