The best way to have a good year is by living life on a daily basis, letting the good days accumulate one by one. And it doesn’t have to be New Year’s to resolve to have a good year. Start anytime. Today, for instance.

1)  Take time, slow down. Be present in your life and mindful of the present.  I’ve always wondered why the concept of NOW is so difficult to remember.  The NOW is all we really have and yet we have regrets for yesterday which can’t be undone, and worry about tomorrow which hasn’t even arrived. All we really have is now; this very minute in which to live fully. NOW.

2)  Care for your body. Eat well, exercise, treat yourself loving, nurturing self-care.

3)  Spend quality time with family and friends. Communicate, keep in touch. Say I love you. Tell people you appreciate them.

4)  Take time throughout the day to renew yourself. Take a walk, read a poem or read a good book. Listen to music (really listen), bring beauty into your life on a monthly basis. Take a whole day for yourself—play, treat yourself to something YOU want to do; retreat from your daily life. Mark these special days on your calender (in ink) so you’ll be certain to take them.

5)  Clean up what needs to be cleaned up. Make amends, fix what’s broken, clear away clutter, forgive what needs to be forgiven and let go.

6)  Commit to a project you really want to do or to learning something new or attaining something you want. Commitment is the first step. Then set achievable goals and work toward them on a daily basis.

7)  Give yourself to a cause. Volunteer at a nonprofit organization, a community group, your church, or lend a hand to an individual or family who could use your help.

8)  Practice your spirituality in whatever form you express it, on a daily basis.

9)  Laugh everyday.

10) Take time to dream.

You may wonder what this has to do with interior design. Well, as a lifestyle interior designer, I truly believe our home is the touchstone from which we live our lives. Be it humble or grand, our home is only as happy, beautiful, and comfortable as we feel about ourselves. Our home is a direct reflection of who we are and how we think and feel.

So, as you begin this New Year 2013, think of it as a brand new start;  a clean slate. Make it your best year ever!

Until next time…



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