This past week our entire country has been in a collective state of mourning.

We grieve for the senseless murder of 20 precious children; barely out of babyhood.

Many of us grieve for the tortured soul of the gunman who was little more than a child himself. And his family as well.

We can see and feel ourselves in the shoes of the parents, families, friends and the residents of the beautiful small New England town of Newtown, Conn.

We try to make sense of something that is senseless. It’s impossible to do and that leaves us feeling even more helpless and desolate.

Perhaps Albert Einstein when writing to friends who had suddenly lost a child said it best:

“When the expected course of everyday life is interrupted, we realize we are like shipwrecked people trying to keep their balance on a miserable plank in the open sea, having forgotten where they come from and not knowing whither they are drifting.”

He also believed there were 2 ways to live. One was that everything was a miracle in this world, or that nothing was.

For Christians, we are just a few days away from the greatest miracle of all—the birth of Christ. Is it just coincidence that this terrible tragedy happened now?

I don’t know.

I do know there is still beauty in this world everywhere we look in spite of evil. We see it in people, places, and things. We can find it in words and hear it in music.

Hopefully, we can all cling to that as we begin to heal. We can be a reminder of this, too, to all of the people directly affected by the sad event that occurred on Friday, December 14, 2012.

As citizens, we can’t write our laws, but we do have the power to insist that our politicians know it’s beyond time to use common sense and do the right thing for the major good. Politics be damned. We have the right to feel safe. For ourselves and certainly for all of our little children.

Only then can this horrific act make some kind of sense. To make our world safer can give some kind of meaning. Maybe then it will be easier to forgive and freely see and feel the beauty around us and smile once more.

Until next time…


P.S.  We live in a very small world with so many good people willing to help. We really can all stand by each other and lessen the load.  Watch this video and it will warm your heart. That’s truly a beautiful thing.


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