Lighting Your Way

October 26th, 2012

We’re used to seeing pendant lighting over dining tables and kitchen islands, but have you considered using them in your bedroom over bedside tables?

One big advantage is that you have more space on top of tables which seem to always collect clutter (at least mine do). Also, there are no visible cords on the floor so it gives a very clean look.

Another great thing, is that pendant lights are a beautiful design feature and they can punctuate your unique design style.

Check out the photos from HOUZZ. You’ll see many different styles from Asian-influenced, modern, glamorous, to minimalist. Finishes vary as well. They can be a focal point in your bedroom, or seemingly disappear. It’s your choice for whatever look and feel you desire.

You can find this style of lighting in all price points. From big box stores to custom-designed fixtures.


  • Dimmers, as with all home lighting, are a must. In the bedroom, you need enough light to easily read and soft enough for romantic mood lighting.
  • For a contemporary design, place the fixtures about 24 inches from the top of the tables and about 48 inches if your style is more traditional.

The correct lighting for any space in a home, is of utmost importance in interior design.

You may not know the whys and wherefores of good or not so good lighting, but you sure do know how it makes you feel, either way. And my goal is to make sure you feel fabulous in your home—every day in every way.

contemporary bedroom by Michael Fullen Design Group

contemporary bedroom by Kelly Hoppen Interiors

modern bedroom by Rachel Reider Interiors

tropical bedroom by Rockefeller Partners Architects

modern bedroom by Amy Lau Design

contemporary bedroom by DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

contemporary bedroom by GDC Construction

contemporary bedroom by Mikel Irastorza

contemporary bedroom by Lori Gentile Interior Design

contemporary bedroom by Kathy Bloodworth Interior Design

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