Most people today want an open living,dining and kitchen space.

To do this successfully requires, of course, a large enough area, but how you designate each area keeping them separate yet cohesive can be challenging.

The idea is for the eye to view the entire space and quickly recognize the function of each “room” in an interesting way.

The photos I’m sharing with you today are of a home designed by FERTILITY DESIGN. It’s not a very large home, but each area has intentionally featured something unique that allow the viewer to see and appreciate in the blink of an eye.

The Lighting:  For the kitchen and dining areas, each space has used differently shaped pendant lighting. They work together because they share the same color and material. The eye recognizes the difference but they all have the same feel. Using two different shapes over the dining table provides a lot more visual interest.

The lighted niche next to the dining area is not only soft and beautiful, but it becomes another place to display collectibles.  The lit niche also breaks up the long wall.

The Mirror:  At the far left of the kitchen island, a mirror has been placed on the wall. Mirrors are one of the designer tricks that visually enlarge the space and reflect more light into the room.

The Office:   I especially love this work area. By having the half wall, it’s separated from the rest of the space in such a way that you don’t even recognize that it’s an office.

By asymmetrically placing the shelves in the wall unit, you are able to use collectibles of different heights. It also doesn’t look like a bookcase. Again, more visual interest.

The Living Room:  Using a different surface on the T.V. wall gives this area it’s own uniqueness and at the same time reflects light.

This space works really well because of using muted colors consistently throughout. It’s almost Zen-like, yet not stark. It doesn’t feel cluttered, the eyes have places to rest and the feel is a sense of calm and order. Just what are spirits need after a long day.

If you’re thinking of remodeling, buying or designing your home using an open floor concept, I hope this gives you some ideas on getting the results you want.

If you have questions or concerns about your own space, please send me an email. I will happily answer them.

Until next time…



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