As a holistic designer who excels in helping women design spaces for all of their senses and nurtures their best life, I love designing dens. Why? They can be the perfect space to restore your emotional battery, and they can foster your creativity in ways that the other rooms in your home can’t.

The dictionary defines the word den as a place of shelter; a cozy or retired room for personal use.

Personal is the operative word. Too often, design dollars are given to the public spaces of your home; the places guests see and enjoy.

But for greater feelings of well-being, the den in your home is the perfect place that is, well, personal. Your personal dreams, ambitions, plans, and hopes can take birth in this room.

The following photos from HOUZZ show 10 different dens designed in many different styles.

You’ll see small dens painted in darker colors that give a feeling of warmth and like you’re receiving a big hug.

Dens that serve dual duties such as room for a guest, or include a personalized desk. Who knows. This could be just the right place that inspires your best seller. You never know as stranger things have happened! Years ago I had a client where this became true. Her den was designed to specifically foster her creativity and it did big time.

A den can be the repository for personal photos, memorabilia, or a child’s framed artwork

It can be a room with no windows or a Zen-like space that invites the outdoors in.

I hope these photos inspire you to take a second look at your den and see new possibilities for a space that could give you a greater sense of well-being in your home.

In some ways, the lowly den can be “the womb with a view” that opens up greater vistas for you in your life.

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