“Style and grace is part of an individual’s personality. The way we lead our life is another aspect that shows what are choices are. The house that we live in is one such place that reflects our personality and liking. Hence, we always try to create the ambiance we have always wanted in our home.”
-Home Decor Arcade

Does the ambiance you’ve created in your home what you want it to be?  Or, has it just sort of evolved happenstance?

The only way to have it for sure, is by using intentional design.  Knowing ahead of time not only what you want, but why you want it.

This is not always easy. As an example, I had a client who wanted to re-do her living room. When I asked her what she had in mind, she responded by saying she wasn’t sure but it just didn’t feel right.

She had decorated her space in a very formal manner. I probed further by asking her how she was using her living room presently. She answered “I don’t.”

When asked why she said ” My Grandmother and Mother both had formally designed living rooms.” The beautiful antiques had been passed down to her and how could she not use them.

Her living room was never going to work for her because she didn’t live in a formal way. Her lifestyle was casual and what she really wanted was a comfortable space where she, her family, and guests could feel like they could put their feet up on the furniture if they so chose. Her present room didn’t allow for that. It didn’t allow her to fully express who she was and how she really wanted to live in her home.

That’s where intentional design comes into play. It’s knowing both the what and the why.

Only then can your home enable you to live the life you truly deserve.

A home that excites all of your senses and sustains your soul.


Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling, or just want your home to feel and function in a way that enhances your lifestyle, make your decisions intentionally.

With pad and pen, walk through your spaces and think about how each room makes you feel, nothing else. Don’t start thinking with your mind as “stinkin thinkin” can creep in at this point—you can’t afford it or your money should be invested somewhere else, etc., etc. We’ve all been there.

As you’re “feeling” your way, are there things that please you or make you feel uncomfortable?

Do you find yourself aware of areas that you’d decided long ago you wanted to change but just never got around to it?

Are your rooms set up in a way that serves how you really want to live in your home?

By looking at your home through intentional lenses, you may be very surprised at what you see and feel.

Don’t think in terms of completely changing everything at once.  Instead, pick just one area to start with. Figure out the changes you’d like to make, design your plan and set a completion date. This last one is critical. Otherwise, being a normal human being, there is a strong possibility to put your plan on the back burner. We’ve all done that, too. The problem with that it still sticks in the back of your mind and you feel frustrated that you didn’t do what , in your heart, you really want to accomplish.

Taking one positive action is kind of magical. It propels you to taking another and then another. It isn’t long before your home reflects your unique style and grace. And that’s the best feeling of  all.

Until next time…



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