It’s your “dream” space. The room where you share intimacy; the private place where you quietly (hopefully) contemplate, meditate, and be alone with your thoughts.

In order for these wonderful things to happen, it must address your unique fantasies and fulfill what your bedroom looks and feels like.

Here are some photos from HOME-DESIGNING.COM that show examples of beautiful contempory bedrooms.

I’ve remarked with each one, the design ideas that make them work so well. Hopefully they will spark interest for making some improvements in your own bedroom. It’s not always a re-do; sometimes it just requires a little tweaking to have the bedroom of your dreams.

I always think that the bedroom has to be a place I could be sick in.  As weird as that sounds, if the room can make me feel better by just being in it when I feel well, then I know it can’t help but make me healthier faster when I don’t feel so great. I did say it sounds weird!

Next week in Part 2, I’ll share with you some more bedroom ideas.

The casual low-slung silhouette of a sleek modern platform bed sets a great basis for a modern bedroom scheme, and can be combined with bedside shelves for a slick and seamless look.
Above 2 via Happy IrenaWood clad walls, as seen on smart new build exteriors, work over expanses of interior walls too; an ideal application is a bedroom feature wall, where the warm material will create an impressive extension of your headboard.

These photos show a classic contemporary platform bed. Note the bedside tables are connected to the bed giving a clean and seamless look. Also note that the artwork is placed at the side of the bed, not directly above the headboard as is usually the case. The hanging light fixture and the tall floral arrangement balance the other side.

The wall mounted light fixtures provide task lighting and the light below the artwork helps ground the art as well as giving off a soft and romantic glow.

Finally, notice how the area rug is placed. Like the placement of the artwork, the asymmetry allows the room to be less predictable looking and more visually interesting.

Via Rusu RuslanStorage cubbies can also make a great headboard feature wall when mounted in an interesting arrangement; these can form neat display shelves for treasured items too.

Here the headboard is a set of cubes that offers not only storage space, but a place for books and favorite decorating pieces.

Via 3DDD

I love this headboard design. Wood has used in this photo but you could get the same effect using paint. It also gives a modern feel of a canopy bed. Too cool!

A ceiling treatment can be another effective extension of your bed, with grouped lighting or ceiling mounted panel to compliment and reflect the dimensions of the bed beneath.

Another “canopy” idea. This one gives storage space and excellent lighting. Doesn’t having the head of the bed semi-enclosed give you a feeling of a safe and protected nest in which to dream?

Until next time…




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