green homeWhy? Not just because it’s better for sustaining our planet, but on a personal level, it’s better for your health, saves money, and improves the re-sale value of your home.

This isn’t a passing fad, but an ever growing trend. New buildings are constructed today with green features that not only save money but enhance the occupants’ productivity and sense of well-being.

Indeed, we’re seeing a focus on creating green communities. While most of us can’t move out of our home and build a new one that comprises the definition of being green, we can start from where we are. Little changes that promise big results.

From using re-used, re-cycled content to renewable resources. Minimal pollutants to landscaping. A green home, if you are building, costs more up front but only by a few percentage points and the savings down the road are considerable. Also, many green products cost less than conventional ones.

A wonderful resource for finding every product imaginable to “color” your home “green,” is GREENHOME.COM, also called the enviornmental store. You won’t believe how many choices are available today.


  • KEEP THE AIR FILTERS CLEAN: Heating and air can account for up to 30% of your utility bill. Dirty filters can cost you.
  • CHANGE YOUR LIGHT BULBS: We all know we’re supposed to change out our incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent ones. However, this is one area I have not embraced because the light they produce is ugly. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with LED’s. Their light quality is excellent. While expensive, they can last for 20 years! Just replace one at a time.
  • INSTALL ENERGY-EFFICIENT APPLIANCES: Energy Star appliances save energy and money. If you’re ready to replace any of your kitchen appliances, this is the way to go. Also think in terms of installing a programmable thermostat, and installing outlet insulators on exterior walls.
  • EMPHASIZE NATURAL SUNLIGHT: No heavy window coverings. You want as much natural light as possible entering your rooms. If you need window treatments, my favorite choices are Roman shades or Plantation shutters.  Both offer privacy when needed as well as allowing much needed light.
  • CEILING FANS: An excellent choice for rooms with higher ceilings.  Circulating clock-wise, they move the air when it’s hot. Circulating counter clock-wise they move the warm air when the outside temperature is cold. They’re available in many styles and price points. This is one area, however, where I’d spend the money for a really good one to insure you’re getting maximum efficiency.

What do you think? Have you any other “green” ideas that you use in your home? Let me know on my Facebook page. I’d love to share your ideas.

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