Picture the color yellow and what comes to mind?

Is it daffodils, Yellow Lab puppies, sunshine and Spring? One thing for sure: yellow is a happy color.

It’s energizing and maybe because it’s the color of sunshine, it makes us smile. There are many tints and shades, as well. Think of neon yellow, butter yellow, pale yellow. Then there’s citrus,apricot, peach, and gold.

We’ve had a particularly dismal Spring, so far, in the Pacific Northwest. Blame the jet stream or La Nina, it doesn’t matter. The result has been the same—few bright, cheery, blue-sky days. I, for one, have had to get out my “happy light.” You know, the one that helps the condition called SAD. And, to top it off, both of my sisters are in Palm Springs!

Anyway, maybe you’ve experienced this too. Maybe adding a little yellow to your life and home, could be just what’s needed while we wait for Summer.

These photos from INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS are examples of how to bring yellow into your interior design. Be it a little or a lot.

Via Aspa1984
Via Ligne Roset USA

Yellow bed canopy. Via
Via Paradox Studio
Via Lago
Via Apartmenttherapy
Via Diffuse Virtual
Via Lago
Via Simone Micheli
Via Simone Micheli
Yellow fireplace. Via
Via Lago
Via Lago
Via Evermotion
Via Evermotion
Via EvermotionA soft yellow with muted green creates a relaxing environment.
Via Evermotion
Via HealsTeam your yellow with lots of white to keep the look ultra fresh.
Via Heals
By Gun Yong
By Gun Yong
By Gilvan
By Gilvan
Via Evermotion
Via Evermotion
Via  Eero Aarnio House Tour
Via Eero Aarnio House Tour
15 yellow sofa
Via Design Conundrum
Via Design Conundrum
Via Evermotion
Via Evermotion
Via Ambiancemixcollections In a kitchen or dining space, yellow is very effective as the backing color to an area of shelving, especially when stacked with other colorful items, cups and bowls.
Via Ambiancemixcollections
Via MarcinpajakTrue lovers of a yellow palette with revel in glossy color block kitchen units, or go for yellow splashbacks if you’re not feeling quite so brave.
Via Marcinpajak
Via Cia InternationalIn the bedroom it’s simple to change up a color scheme with new bed linen, curtains, and lampshade, but for extra zing try repainting that drab old chest of drawers and headboard, or even just a bookshelf and the frame of a full length dressing mirror.
Via Cia International
Via Marcinpajak
Via Marcinpajak
Via 50 Modern Bathrooms
Via 50 Modern Bathrooms
Via Cia International
Via Cia International
Via IkeaYellow with red accents is a vibrant look.
Via Ikea
Via Eero Aarnio House Tour
Via Eero Aarnio House Tour
Via flickr
Via flickr
Via OffaThis primary color is energising, great for work spaces and meeting rooms
Via Offa
Via Garciatamjidi
Via Garciatamjidi
Via Mood Enhancing Living RoomsPick out an accent wall color with an interesting vinyl decal in the same tone
Via Mood Enhancing Living Rooms
Via Loft DesignThese gloss black units are striking with a pop of citrus.
Via Loft Design
Via Small Floorspace Kids Rooms
Via Small Floorspace Kids Rooms
Via Rainbow House: House of Fun in London
Via Colorful Offices of Creative Studio 3FS
Via Colorful Offices of Creative Studio 3FS
Via Luxury Living Rooms from Ligne Roset
Via Emme Bi
Via Emme Bi
Via Lowes Creative Ideas
Via Poteet Architects
Via Poteet Architects
Via Bestor Architecture
Via Niina Teikko
Via Niina Teikko
Via Freshome
Via Freshome
Via Attitude Loft
Via Attitude Loft
Via Attitude Loft
Via Marcus DesignUsing dove grey as a backdrop, duck egg blue against yellow is stunning.
Via Marcus Design
Via Colleen Fox Interiors
Via Colleen Fox Interiors
Via Husohem
Via Husohem
Via Beckers
Via Beckers
Via Nordic Kitchen Design Inspiration
Via Nordic Kitchen Design Inspiration

Until next time…



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