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When we think of Christmas colors, what immediately comes to mind are red and green which are beautiful and complementary.

However, why not think of combining other colors for your Christmas home decor. You can choose any colors that please you. Visualize white and silver, or gold, or combining all three. Burgundy and navy, red and navy, green and navy, purple and gold. The combinations are endless. It’s your home and should reflect your personal taste. It’s part of what makes you uniquely you. Don’t be afraid of stepping outside the box. If you’re unsure about choosing colors that are pleasing to the eye, just look at a color wheel. Whichever colors are opposite of each other, are complementary and work together in a harmonious way.


Include in your decor different textures. Add nuts, berries, pine cones, winter vegetables, even coffee beans. A favorite of mine for a dining table centerpiece is to take a cylindrical glass vase and layer nuts, then berries, topped with coffee beans. Insert a candle into the top of the coffee beans. You don’t want the candle sticking above the vase, so the size of the vase determines the height of the three layers, and the candle size.

You can use any size glass vase, depending on where you place it. For a dining table, consider three shorter containers. This way everyone at the table can see one another.
Red and Green



Yes, they are beautiful and they represent the season, but you might want to consider other plants not used as much which makes them more special. Two of my favorites are Amarylis and Narcissus. They work especially well in a foyer, or a guest bathroom.


First cover your tree with little white lights (blinking or not). Then add onto the branches pine cones and Baby’s Breath. I’ve done this before and I just sort of nestle the cones and Baby’s Breath onto and into the branches. It really is simple, easy, and elegant-looking.

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