Lighting a home beyond basics can give your interior spaces untold drama. Effective lighting can turn a so-so room into an incredible one. Lighting has the power to alter mood and make us feel and look better. Who among us has stood beneath a bathroom ceiling fixture, looked into the mirror and seen every wrinkle, some we didn’t even know we had! I rest my case.

Yes, we absolutely need excellent task lighting in order to not go blind reading, or slicing a finger while preparing a meal. What I’m talking about is how lighting can give your home the WOW factor.

The great thing is that beautiful, even unusual lighting, can be found in all price points. I love LAMPS PLUS for there variety and price,even the big box stores like LOWE’S and HOME DEPOT.

And, replacing standard wall switches with dimmer switches, is a small, very inexpensive alteration that can make a huge difference in any room’s overall appeal.

Following are 8 photos presented to HOUZZ by interior designer JASON BALL of JASON BALL INTERIORS. They are excellent examples of how lighting can enhance your your spaces. I hope they spark your imagination and give you ideas to improve, add, or even change the lighting in your home.

This living and play area is a great example of a ceiling height, that while not extraordinarily low, cannot house a large dramatic lighting fixture. The fixture they selected is low profile and still large in diameter to create drama without the risk of a bump on the noggin. The circles in the fixture play perfectly off of the circular holes in the architecture.

by Coburn Architecture and Interiors

Robert Abbey Anemone 23 1/2″ Wide Ceiling/Wall Light Fixture – $501.91 [ Link ]
The fixture by Robert Abbey used in the room above is almost 2 feet in diameter and less than 12 inches high. This fixture is perfect for a living space or entry where you aren’t afforded the luxury of high-ceilings.


The designer of the living space here created drama on the ceiling with wallpaper and a ceiling mounted mirror, however, this same look can be achieved with a light fixture to illuminate the space.

by Elizabeth Gordon

Sunburst Light Fixture – $610.05 [ Link ]
This sunburst fixture can create the same drama as seen above. At only 4″ deep, it can even be installed on a 7-foot high ceiling. This gorgeous sunburst fixture is almost 42″ wide, making it perfect for large rooms with low ceilings.


Flame Light Fixture – $1,712.55 [ Link ]
This gorgeous flame fixture is a little larger than the sunburst fixture above and has a bit more detail. This ceiling light will not only illuminate the room, but it will also serve as a statement piece.


The bedroom is a place where you want to create mood and style. Typically a great boudoir chandelier is a great way to do that, but when you have a lower ceiling you run the risk hitting your head on the chandelier getting in and out of bed. This bedroom is a great example of making use of a gorgeous fixture while still keeping the height constraints in mind.

by Heather Garrett Design

Oly Pipa Bowl Chandelier [ Link ]
This pieced resin bowl, pictured in the bedroom above, is only 14″ high and almost 3 feet in diameter! It’s the perfect scale for a low to medium ceiling.


A great way to address lighting in a hallway with a low ceiling is to create repetition using a flush-mounted ceiling light. This repetitive pattern can create interest and drama when you don’t have the space for a larger fixture.

by Forum Phi

Jonathan Adler Parker Nickel Ceiling Light – $246.99 [ Link ]
This flush-mounted fixture by Jonathan Adler is a great modern option for a hallway, small entry, small bathroom, or even laundry room. The nickel detailing creates interest to an otherwise mundane style fixture, and the pattern of light that will be reflected from this fixture will be an interesting touch to the space it’s housed in. This fixture is a little over 7″ high, which will fit in almost any space!


Aside from decorative light fixtures, you can also create lighting for low-ceilings using architecture. This bedroom created a dramatic setting using an l-shaped soffit with soft recessed lighting on both the ceiling and wall.

by Mark English Architects, AIA

In this living room, rather than using a decorative ceiling fixture, cove lighting was designed to create added interest to the room and illuminate the space.

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