capitalI was thinking this past week about all of the turmoil going on inside the hallowed halls of our Congress in Washington D.C. The Republicans don’t want to raise taxes. The Democrats want the wealthiest of Americans to pay more. The Tea Party wants a revolution that will force the government to change to change its spending ways—no matter the consequences. It reminds me of monitoring a children’s playground.

The problem, as I see it, with so many points of view, each thinking their version is best, how can a consensus be reached? It can’t. It can only happen when all parties meet in the middle and accept that no one group gets it all their way.

As Baby Boomer women, compromise is one of the things we do best. We’ve had to do it for years and we’ve turned it into an art form. Balancing jobs,children, parents, spouses or significant others is second nature to us. We haven’t even thought of it in those terms. What was best for the group, as a whole, was our challenge and sometimes, even to our detriment because we put ourselves last.

Now we’re at a time in our lives when we face new challenges. The children are out of the house or soon will be. We’re planning our retirement or have already done so. We have to decide what’s best for aging parents. We may want to start a new career. And, as life has it, some of us face divorce or widowhood.

All of the challenges we face now, we will solve as we’ve always done. We figure out what we want and need, and what’s best for our group, make a plan, take action and make it happen. The problems facing Congress are certainly much larger and more complex than we face. However, solutions are found the same way we do each and everyday.

Sounds simple, right? No, it rarely is. It can be fraught with uncertainty. But, we don’t and never have had, the luxury to do nothing, to let issues slide, and hope for the best, or turn it over to a committee.

We don’t make important, life-affecting decisions based on re-election. Congress shouldn’t either. Just as we consider our home, our life, and all who are affected by it to be of paramount importance, so it is with Congress. The problems we share in America touch us all in very serious ways. A compromise must be reached to remain a strong country. Just as we do everyday to insure a happy home.

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