Noted interior designer, Alexandre Stoddard, says that we live our lives in chapters. If that’s so, why wouldn’t our homes change, too?

Think back to how we decorated our college dorm room. We might laugh now, but back then it served our needs. Or, if it didn’t, we didn’t know or even care.

Next came our first apartment. We didn’t have much money so family took pity and gave us their left-overs. We also became familiar with yard sales and flea markets. Where was Ikea when we needed them?

For most of us what followed was marriage and children. A far cry from our single days. We now not only needed more room, but we had a spouse and kids to consider. Function became paramount.

Now we are baby boomers and we’re into yet another chapter. Our home needs to reflect what we most want and need at this time in our lives which is different from what came before.


1)  Ease of care. Homes that are uncluttered with easy to care for furniture and surfaces. We want quality but we don’t want anything that requires undue maintenance. Been there, done that.

2)  The right amount of interior lighting. Our vision isn’t as keen as it was at 30. so we need lighting that allows for easy reading and working. Many homes don’t have enough lighting. We must have task lighting (no squinting), over all lighting, and mood lighting. No dark corners and certainly no tripping and falling.

3)  Furniture that works. If we have downsized or intend to, baby boomers need furnishings that are in scale to smaller square footage. Furniture that is easy to get in and out of without needing a crane. Easy care fabrics that are beautiful but give us no worries when our grandchildren visit. Enough storage space that’s cleverly designed to hold alot and doesn’t take up too room.

4)  Style or function? Both. We know we aren’t going to sacrifice comfort for whatever the latest trends are. We also know that we will not choose to live in surroundings that are too utilitarian. Designers and manufacturers are making it easy for us to have comfort, beauty, and function at many different price points.

5)  Multi-purpose spaces. We may not need as many rooms now, but we want room enough to have overnight guests, a place for paying bills and holding our computers, enough room for gatherings. This is why open space plans work so
well. Office/guest room, bathrooms, and bedrooms need doors, but a smaller space that is open allows for more light, ease, and it appears larger.

O.K., we may have given up our 5 inch Manolas, but we’ve found so many chic and comfortable lower heels, that it no longer matters.

The same with our home. For what we exchange or part with or add to, requires no sacrifice at all. We embrace this new chapter in our lives with grace and excitement for all the possibilities that are ahead of us.

So, baby boomer ladies, we will continue to want it all just as we always have.

Until next time…



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