When we choose to make a house or space a home, we literally create a field and space and place that invites in our dreams, goals, and intentions to take root and grow and become reality.



1) CONSIDER COLOR:  What colors do you love? Which colors make you feel good and invite you to linger? Which colors calm you, excite you, and give you energy or allow you to be more creative?  This is not hard science, this is how color makes you respond both positively and just as important, negatively

2) CONSIDER OBJECTS:      Have you ever purchased something you didn’t absolutely love, but it was on sale and seemed too good to pass up?  You thought surely there was a place for it, except there really wasn’t. All objects placed in our home should have emotional value. It could be a collection of shells collected on a special day at the beach. It could be something we purchased on a wonderful vacation. It could even be an object we saw and fell in love with just because it made us smile. It doesn’t matter what it is or how expensive or inexpensive. What matters is that we feel a
connection to these objects.

3)  CONSIDER FURNITURE:    Which pieces do we really need in our home. There are the obvious necessities, of course, but beyond that, is it furniture that is comfortable? Does it serve whatever purpose we want and need it to? Or, is it a piece we really don’t like, but felt we had to fill the space with something. My best advice as a designer is buy the best you can afford and only what you love. It’s better to have an empty space than to fill it with furniture that is merely
“better than nothing.”

4)  CONSIDER ACCESSORIES:  I’m defining accessories here as pillows, throws, throwrugs, lamp shades, and art. These can be the jewels in the room. They aren’t necessary to function, but they are necessary for our soul. Who can turn away from cuddling up in a cashmere throw on a soft sofa when it’s snowing outside? Or, what about the art our children and grand- children so lovingly give to us? We beautifully frame it, give it a prominent place, and smile everytime we look at it. Accessories can affect our senses which in turn create a beautiful experience.

5)  CONSIDER THE IMAGE YOU STRIVE TO CREATE AND EXPERIENCE:  This is anything you want it to be. Maybe you wish your living room to echo a French salon, or Africa. You may decide it’s really important to live in a home that speaks of nature. The only rule here is the image you create, and how you experience it, is the one that gladdens your heart.  Not because it will impress the neighbors or it shouts all of the latest trends. Your home is your safe place where
you close the door on all of the troubles in the world.  Your home is the one place that allows you to completely
celebrate who you really are.

When you look around your home, be mindful of how you feel and what may be lacking. Perhaps you love looking out at nature but you only have a small window in which to do so.  Is it possible for you to have French doors replace that
window? Imagine the difference when you look out into your expanded vista. And, you can enjoy that view throughout all four seasons. Don’t concentrate on what you can’t do.  Instead, focus on what you can do. It truly amazes me how
our mindset can affect our lives and all of the choices we make everyday. The really great thing is we have the power
to decide what we want our mindset to be.

Just as important as considering what we do need. This can be a tough one because it can be difficult to part with
things. I had a client who had been given a sofa that was not only ugly to her, but it wasn’t even comfortable. She
felt she had to keep it because it had belonged to her Grandmother. Sometimes things no longer work for us, if
they ever did. Then it becomes time to sell or give them to someone who could really use them and love them as well.
To think that it might be of use someday or we’ll be sorry, is a baseless fear. You ONLY want your home to have things
need and absolutely love.

We hear a lot about lifestyle and how we live in our homes, but what does thar really mean? I think it means not so much about what we do, but how does it make us feel.

Until next time…



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