You have spent your entire lives taking care of others, and now it’s time to work on “me.”

It’s time for YOU! You have raised your family, been there time and again for everyone else, and taken care of and supported all of the people in your life. Now is the time for you to go forward in your decision that YOUR life matters, too! Imagine creating an IDEAL INTERIOR ENVIRONMENT that supports you and everything you want to be as you go forward building the life or your dreams, which includes a fully supportive home tied to a life that makes room for all of the gifts inside you that you want to now explore and develop.

Not sure where to begin?

Here are 7 tips on getting going:

1)  Step outside of the box and try to look at your home as if seeing it for the first time. Hard to do, but this is important because when we see something everyday, we no longer really see it; it becomes a part of the landscape.

2)  Take photos of each room. It’s another way to view your space in a more detached manner.

3)  As you view each photo, have a notebook handy and write down your first impressions.Don’t think about it because your mind will start filtering and it won’t reflect your true feelings. We do this all of the time. Our mind is our head space which serves an important function to be sure. But we can’t forget our heart space. This is where our true feelings are and where our dreams live. The very first thoughts that come to mind can also be referred to as intuition, or our “gut feelings.” This is our built-in GPS.  It tells us what we really think. With heart space we think, “what if.”  “What are all of the possibilities?” Our head space tells us, “You shouldn’t think that.” Or, “you can’t do that because…”

4)  When you’ve written your FIRST impressions, think of what your possibilities might be. What could you change? What do you want to change?

5)  Make a spread sheet with the title of each room listed. Underneath each title, write down what changes you’d like to make. It might be one thing or many. The number is not important. The goal of the entire exercise, is to have your home fully serve you.

6)  Think in terms of how the room functions and feels to you. What are your most important needs? For example, you have a formal dining room that is rarely used. Why not turn that space into a room that you can use and enjoy
everyday? Say you love to read, why not make this formal dining room into a library? Add book shelves to hold favorite books. Turn the dining table into a library table. It’s easy to still use it for dining when the need arises. Or, maybe, the formal living would serve better as a dining area. Why not reverse them?

7)  You’ve visited all of your rooms and you now have a “wish” list of what changes you’d like to make. List them in order of preference. What changes you’d most like to make right now? You can go at your own pace, but write down your action steps and set a date to begin your project and finish it.  This makes it a plan and makes you accountable. You’re less likely to let it stay on your “wish” list.

When we reject the “status quo,” and mindfully look at something, it’s amazing at what can crop up. We see new possibilities. It’s fun and exciting. So often, my clients, after finishing this process, say ” Why didn’t I see it?” “Why didn’t I do this long ago?” “Why did I say I guess it’s o.k. when it clearly wasn’t?”

The best part is what this kind of accessing, making a plan, and taking action can give you. Your reward is the feeling of empowerment that you take out into the world. So, this is YOUR time, YOUR life—reach out, grab hold, and enjoy the ride! Life is too short to do otherwise.

Until next time…



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