I love visiting showhouses. I see them with a designer’s eye and enjoy them from that viewpoint. However, they are usually over the top in terms of size and content. After all, they are a “show” house. While we can gather good ideas that we can apply to our own design, most of us don’t live in them, nor do we want to.

It’s the same with the photos we see in shelter magazines. They look perfect and they are because they’ve been staged to make them the most photographically appealing.

The thing is, we don’t live that way, and we’re not perfect, nor should we be. We don’t want invisible signs that read, “don’t sit here or don’t touch that.” We want our homes to be warm and welcoming, but we want a place where we can feel free to put our feet up. If the bed isn’t perfectly made, so what? If we are too tired at night, if we choose to fling our clothes over a chair until morning, who cares?

In a sentence, we want a home that is esthetically pleasing and supports us in the way we choose to live.

The photos shown below are from Home Decor Arcade. They may not be your particular style, but they are fresh-looking and simple. They are uncluttered, but not perfect. They’re real-looking and they look like real people live there— free to laugh, cry, quarrel, and love in. Isn’t that what we all want from our home? Real people, real life, a real lived-in home.

Interesting Living Room Design
interesting living room design

Interesting Living Room Design Bright
interesting living room design bright

Interesting Living Room Design Colorful
interesting living room design colorful

Interesting Living Room Design Stylish
interesting living room design stylish

Interesting Living Room Design Bedroom
interesting living room design bedroom

Interesting Living Room Design Passage
interesting living room design passage

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