Is your home designed to nourish body and soul?

Last week I talked about the role form and function serve us in our homes.

This week, I’m delving deeper giving you a series of questions that will help you answer if you have given yourself permission to make your home truly your own. One that supports you and empowers your life enrichment and personal success. Yes, I did say give yourself permission. Before we can begin to discover new possibilities or make any positive changes, we have to know it’s o.k. for us to do it.

If I were your interior designer/coach, before even talking about any specific design solutions, we would first determine your wish list is. It’s a journey of discovery in order for you to live your best life in your home. Only then, can you find your “best couch.”


  • Do you feel fully embraced and connected in your home?
  • What colors do you love? Are they represented in your home?
  • Are you an outdoor or indoor person? Is that reflected in your home?
  • Do you love to do crafts, or maybe paint or write? Do you have a place in your home that fosters your creativity?
  • Do you love to entertain? Is your home set up in such a way that easily allows you to be an effortless and elegant hostess?
  • Do you need quiet time? Do you have a space that gives you peace and time for reflection?
  • Do you like things simple and organized, or more comfortable and relaxed? Is this represented in your home?
  • Are you facing changes in your life that directly affect how you live in your home? Does your home reflect these changes in an effective and beautiful way?

What are the most important things to you? It’s not a question of having a big budget or a big home. Forget interior design for a moment. Think with your heart not your head. Usually what immediately comes to mind first comes from our heart space before our mind space has a chance to filter it.

So, what are your most important values and wouldn’t you love your home to represent them?

Your home is a springboard for all that do and feel so it should support what YOU need and what YOU want in order to live your best life.

Until next time…



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