Do Not Call Us Seniors

March 25th, 2011

As Baby Boomers, we know we’re getting older, but we don’t define ourselves as “old.”

We give aging a whole different meaning than it did our parents and grandparents. For one thing, we live longer because we’re healthier. We still feel vital and excited about possibilities unexplored. We feel it’s never too late and in many ways that is true.

However, “age” does rear it’s head now and again. I find that I have had to up the strength of my reading glasses, I have to make lists of whatever so I don’t forget something and names—you know, the feeling of dread when you see someone you know well and their name escapes you?

Yes, these are realities we live with but I decided to just accept and not give too much attention to these irritations. Instead, I just make adjustments as I need to.

So, what does all this have in common with interior design?

Well, a lot. I believe our homes are meant to be beautiful and still fully support us. As we reach this stage in our lives, we face many transitions, sometimes concurrently, that affect how we live and function in our homes.

Ask yourself: “When I look around my rooms, do I see them as a reflection of who I am at this time of my life?”

“Are there things I need to change in order for my home to
function in the ways I need it to?”

“Does my home reflect my best life?”

Our home can be a journey of self-discovery that is so exciting and rewarding, that it can directly affect how we live both inside and outside of our home.

In future blogs, I will share stories of some of my clients who have made this journey and how much more enriched their lives became. In the meantime, please feel free to email me and share your thoughts.

Until next time….



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