15 Steps to Help Ready the Public Spaces in Your Room

It seems as though there is never enough time during the holiday season to get everything done. You think of one thing and forget another. Making a list is the best way to prevent this. It is such a feeling of accomplishment to draw a line through each task.

If you’re the one hosting this year, the list is even longer and the stress even greater. One way to make this easier is to concentrate on the spaces your guests enjoy. They are as follows:


  • Change your pillows and throws to cozy fabrics like chenille, velvet,and my favorite, cashmere. Another really fun addition is faux fur. You don’t have to use red and green. Choose your own color scheme that blend with the colors that already in the room. You can then continue to use them throughout the winter.
  • Pare down what you have on your mantle, coffee table, and side tables. For the mantle, consider seasonal greens with berries, candles and large Christmas tree balls. You might consider placing 3 balls on one side, and 2 on the other side. Nestle your candles and tree balls amongst the greens and berries. Keep the coffee table and side tables really simple. You want your guests to have room for cups, glasses, and appetizers. Make sure you have coasters and cocktail napkins within easy reach.


For the table, keep it simple as well. Place a runner down the center of the table. Choose whatever colors please you. I love gold and silver because they reflect light. If you have a round table, cris-cross 2 runners. If you use chargers, you won’t need placemats. At a crowded table, they can get in the way. For the centerpiece, one of my favorites is to fill a clear vase(s) with flowers placed inside of the vase. Or, you can use ornament balls,nuts and berries or anything that’s seasonal. Make sure everyone at the table can see each other. If you choose to use votives, CANDLES4LESS.COM have ones that can last for 15 hours. This keeps you from having to replace the votives throughout the afternoon and evening. One less thing to keep an eye on. All of your overhead lights and lamps should be on dimmers. You want everyone flattered with soft lighting.


  • Use a holiday scented candle or a diffuser.
  • Make sure the room is sparkling clean and that there’s enough toilet paper on the roll.
  • Have a selection of hand towels and small soaps so each guest doesn’t feel they have to use one previously used.
  • A holiday floral arrangement, in scale with the space.
  • Don’t forget handcreme and make sure it doesn’t have a strong scent.


  • Make sure your entrance is well lit for safety, and if there is snow or ice, clear the walking area.
  • A wreath or some type of arrangement on the front door. If you have the space, potted greens on each of the door are lovely and you don’t have to remove them after the holidays,
  • Have a designated area outside for any smokers.
  • Inside the entry, have enough space for coats. If it’s already crammed, remove your own temporarily.
  • Have an umbrella stand at the ready. If it’s raining or snowy, you don’t want water all over your entry floor. A small table, if possible, for a bowl of candy and a small flower arrangement. One idea is a potted narcissus. The scent is delicious and it can remain after the holidays.

These tips can be done ahead of time and you and your family can enjoy your “dressed” home longer. The best part is you’re not running around at the last minute.

For great accessories, ANTHROPOLOGIE, CRATE & BARREL, POTTERY BARN, and TARGET offer a wonderful selection at good prices.

Until next time.

Warmest regards,


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